The next energy possessor for sure is the chakra jewelry because healing power is released when you wear these crystals.

Since ancient India, energy vibration, cleansing properties, and usage have been popular worldwide.

Nowadays, Chakra bracelets are used as wear more than the energetic aspect.

You need to understand how to activate the chakra bracelets if you are wearing them for energy balancing and curing properties.

Below in this article, we will discuss how to activate chakra bracelets

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Steps to Activate a Chakra Bracelet

A relaxed mindset, balanced life, and healthier lifestyle can be led by wearing chakra bracelets and fashion.

The way you activate ensures determines how the power of the crystals will stay.

To ensure your chakra’s balance and make the chakra bracelet works, you need to follow some steps to activate them.

Below are some most straightforward steps you can follow when you need to activate your chakra bracelet.


It would be best if you were calm before starting to program and activating the chakra bracelet.

In your home, the secure and quiet spot is the perfect place to activate the crystals.

Finding yourself in a comfortable position that a protective feeling is offered is essential to help you relax.

It would help if you took time choosing the spot and time where there is no disturbance.


All around, there are many playlists that you can choose because music is an important aspect that helps meditation.

To become a person with the body and mind, you need meditation to throw away anxieties out because it is easiest.

The process of activating the chakra bracelet will begin as soon the alpha state of mind becomes calm.

You need to have the crystals in your hand once you feel ready to meditate over their energies.

You need to set your goals as you focus on the connection with the crystals.

You need to be confident and speak out to the crystal about your wishes.


Mantras is another ancient method of activating chakra bracelets.

You need to speak out loud some phrases and incantations or words.

The strong phrases you are believing in and wises required to be said to the crystals.

During the process of meditation, you can also use the mantras.


You need to have an appropriate position in this step and the bracelets on your hand.

Inactivating the chakra bracelet, you can use the help of different hand gestures.

Program the chakra for specific use

You need to set goals in your mind when activating the chakra bracelet as it is very important.

You need to be in natural light, and in your hand, hold the bracelet.

To have the natural light, you can also stand next to or outside a window.

After finding natural light, it is the appropriate time to concentrate on the message you are to say aloud to the crystal.

Clean the chakra bracelet

Cleaning or restating the chakra bracelet also means that you are activating it.

You also need to understand the ways to cleanse the crystal. Below are some of the easiest ways to clean the chakra bracelet.

The brown method

Into a bowl of plain brown rice, place the chakra bracelet. The brown rice should fully cover the chakra jewelry.

The bad energies will be eliminated by the rice when you leave it overnight.

The rice need not be consumed anymore.

Full moon method

Placing the chakra bracelet on the windowsill overnight is another method of purifying it.

The crystals might break or damage if you forget the chakra bracelet in the window.

Activate Your Chakra Bracelet

The ways of activating a chakra bracelet are many; hence you need to understand which method is suitable.

The easiest methods of activating the chakra bracelet are;• Relax and relax• Meditation• Mantras• Mudras• Program the chakra bracelet

You will enjoy several benefits after activating the chakra bracelets.

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

• Alternative healing power• Brings positivity• Suits everyone

You need to understand that there are no conspirations or cheats as long as you are frank and open to them.

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