Chi, also known as qi, is a term that refers to the energy that is stored inside your body and gives your soul life.

It can also be called the life force or soul energy.

This is an idea that is referred to differently across varying cultures, but they all share the same basic concept. Chi is the name given to this energy in traditional Chinese medicine and there are many practices that are designed to work on the flow.

Chinese medical practitioners should be working towards achieving chi tong.

This is when your chi is flowing freely around your body without encountering any blockages. 

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What is chi?

The life energy is believed to help circulate minerals and nutrients around the body, along what is referred to as meridian lines.

There are 12 meridian lines down each side of your body and each one links to a different internal organ.

These meridian lines are energy pathways that all interlink to form a network of connections around your body.

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What causes a chi blockage?

Chi blockages inside the body are what allow diseases and pain to grow.

If you are to heal fully and correctly, you will need to take steps to unblock your chi.

It is believed that allowing the free flow of chi energy around your body will restore your vitality and general health. If you are someone who regularly engages with their energies, you may be able to sense your chi and feel when it is blocked.

To increase your sensitivity, you should regularly practice some kind of mindfulness exercises such as meditation and qigong. Many people believe that the chi can become blocked due to stress and anxiety, resulting in a reduced blood flow.


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What are the symptoms of a blocked chi?

A blocked chi can manipulate and manifest in a multitude of ways, depending on where in the body the blockage is found.

As we have mentioned, the chi runs around the entire body and so can, in theory, develop a blockage anywhere. Generalized symptoms of an inner chi blockage include depression, fatigue, lethargy, and mood swings.

If you are suddenly experiencing a decline in your appetite or misplaced anger, you may have a chi blockage.

Pain in the abdominal region can also be a symptom of a blocked chi. If your chi is blocked in the liver, you may experience symptoms such as rib pain and a sense of extreme fullness near the top of your abdominal area.

You may also experience issues with your fingernails and toenails and have generalized muscle pain.

Blocked liver chi flow may also express itself as an unexplained bitter taste in your mouth or random bouts of irritability. A kidney chi blockage has different symptoms again.

These can include a loss of memory and hair.

Unexplained body aches, particularly in your knees and lower back, can also be symptomatic of kidney chi blockages.

This can also cause issues with your sleep.

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How do I unblock my chi?

There are many different methods that you can use to unblock the flow of your chi, but the most common is through acupuncture and by utilizing specific herbs.

Acupuncture to Unblock Chi

You should visit a qualified acupuncture practitioner to ensure that the blockage is treated correctly and prevent further damage from being done to the body.

The practitioner will ask you where in your body the pain is localized, as this is likely to be the region where the blockage can be found. They will then insert a series of thin needles into your skin, just underneath the top layer.

The position of these needles will follow your meridian lines.

The needles are inserted at specific locations along the meridian lines to balance the opposing forces of yin and yang. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are more than 500 suggested locations at which to insert acupuncture needles to unblock your chi.

Provided that you visit someone trained in the practice of acupuncture and who uses sterilized needles, there is little risk associated with it.

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Herbal Treatments for Chi Blockages

As life energy, chi can be impacted by all sorts of things.

One of these is nutrition and the food that you ingest.

People theorize that eating too much processed food can cause poor nutrient absorption in the body, which can lead to a blocked chi. It is wise to eat predominantly whole and unprocessed foods to keep your chi in optimal health.

Many traditional food cures for chi blockages are based on stews and broths.

There are also many herbs that are specifically used to treat your chi.For chi blockages in the spleen, it is recommended to use some of the following herbs.

Red ginseng, astragalus, Jujube dates, licorice, Chinese yam, and Pseudostellaria root are all good options. Chi blockages in the liver tend to require a more holistic treatment.

This is because the liver closely links to many different systems within the body.

Good herbal remedies include Chai hu (bupleurum), Yu jin (turmeric tuber), finger citron fruit (Buddha’s Hand), and Xiang fu (cyperus rhizome).

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Visit a Professional Energy Healer

Energy healers can come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Practitioners of acupressure, reiki, tai chi, cupping, healing massage, and qigong all have the capacity to unblock your body’s chi. Qigong is one of the oldest methods for unblocking chi and deepening the individual’s connection to the life force.

The practice involves the combination of movement, postural realignment, self-massage, mindfulness, and breathwork.

It is important to focus on your intentions when engaging in qigong practices.

There are qigong classes around the globe where you can learn the skills for yourself due to its incredible popularity.The best way to prevent blockages from developing in your chi is to frequently work on the mind, body, and soul connection.

Regular practice of meditation and mindfulness activities will strengthen this connection and will enhance your chi.

You should focus on being grounded in the present and work on your self-awareness.

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