Chi energy is an elemental current that runs from the inside to the outside of the body.

I have been practicing Chi for quite a long time since I was a teenager and now am 38 years old, married, with kids.

I find my inner peace through meditation and daily gratitude exercises that strengthen my muscles.

Chi energy has helped me discover its many uses and one of them is how to make fire.

You may have heard of rumors circulating that good Chi will make fire and you are wondering how that can be possible.

Read through this article to the end for clear guidelines on using Chi energy to make a fire.

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Generating Chi energy for Fire

The first step is finding a room with full air circulation and fewer distractions.

Have pieces of paper or dry grass before you before starting to meditate. Sit down on the floor with legs crossed.

By sitting down means that you are absorbing heat from the ground instead of from the air.

Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting beside a hot beach or desert and meditate on a hot flame for few minutes.

Once you start feeling the heat coming from your body, get the newspapers.

If you are seated in a warm place, inhale the heat and let it flow through your body.

Breathe through your nose and exhale from your mouth. I

advise that you breathe in deeply and release the air through your mouth slowly.

It becomes easier when you have enough air in the body; therefore, you become aggressive and hot.

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Fold the papers for energy practice

Still under meditation, grab the magazines or recycling papers and fold them together.

Stack the newspapers and summon all your energy, ready to start a fire. Repeatedly shake the papers to transfer Chi energy from the body towards your fingers and onto the papers.

Your much focus should be on your imagination of being in a beach, desert, or Volcano and the flame.

Keep meditating on the flame as it increases into a huge fire.

By doing this, you are generating more energy from your body to your hands.

Use the Chi Energy from the fingertips to develop elements

I assume that you have gained more energy and you are feeling a flow of heat coming from the body.

Start slowly to swirl your hands towards the pieces of paper, releasing the Chi energy steadily.

As the body releases the energy, increase the speed of moving your fingers towards the papers and back. Imagine that there is smoke coming out from the newspapers.

Feel free to stand if the energy flow from your body becomes intense but keep focusing Chi’s energy towards the papers.

Do not see the fire as an element of destruction, rather as the provision of heat, life and light.

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Light the papers

The final step is getting the papers to light.

I believe by this stage, your body is at its full energy and you are meditating on a huge fire in the desert.

The currents passing from your body are fast and hot. Let the light off the paper without forcing the fire to start.

Keep shaking your fingers up and down, right to the left. Stand and control the fire with your body and hands.

I love this part as you are in full control of it and it will move in any direction you direct it.

You can make it flare more high or regulate it depending on how you like.

Allow your body to cool slowly by releasing the rest of the Chi energy from your body.

If you had good Chi, you would experience high energy flowing out even after the fire stats.

My advice is to try to moderate it slowly, taking back the rest of the energy.


Every Chi practice ends with gratitude.

This is an indication appreciation. Stand straight with legs and hands together and bend. You may then use the fire or put it off.

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Can I Make Fire With Chi Energy?

The article explains step by step guide on how to archive making fire by using Chi energy.

In summary, Chi energy is ideally generated from the ground and through deep meditation.

To get the fire lighting, you will need dry grass or paper and redirecting energy from the body to your material by shaking.

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