Chi, in Chinese, means energy. I first had this word when our school organised a cultural exchange with a school in China.

The attaché spent most of her morning practising a certain routine, which I later found out was Tai Chi.

We later became friends and she enrolled me on Tai Chi. The first few days were hectic as she made sure I internalised the Tai Chi philosophy.

She called it Finding Your Inner Chi, which I still practice today.

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How to Find I Find My Inner Chi?

Tai Chi is a way of life one chooses and vows to abide by it. Find your energy (Chi) is the first aspect of self-discovery. I

t helps discover your inner strength, passion and avoiding bad company.

The following are 3 ways that you can find your inner Chi:-

1. Controlling Your Breathing

How you breathe determines how your body works overall.

Breathing helps in breaking down fats that produce energy, a process known as oxidation.

If you want to regulate your breathing, observe the following:-

  • Sitting position – ensure you sit upright with your legs and hands free. Any strenuous movement distorts your breathing pattern.
  • Deep breathing – take time to concentrate on breathing. Breathe from the diaphragm, which fills your lungs and exhaling in relaxed sequences.
  • Do not think of anything – thinking burns out energy irregularly. Empty your mind for at least 10 minutes.

2. Physical Practice

Practising the rhythmic Tai Chi movements help you generate internal strength. The art of balancing on one side strengthens the limbs.

Breathe throughout the exercises and let the body develop its strength.

Coordinate the arm and legs movement, throwing virtual punches to create the power. Some of the Tai Chi physical exercises include:-

  • Parallel feet with one foot on the ground, which raised shoulders and wide arms.
  • Create circular motions with your hands with both legs firmly on the ground in a squatting state.
  • You can also incorporate yoga or Kung Fu into your routine.

3. Mental Energy

It is the most important as it helps you to focus and find your energy.

From spiritual to mental, it improves the cognitive ability that is essential in developing your inner Chi.

Listening to your soul and feelings helps you find internal peace.

It helps redirect your energy to more deserving activities and interconnect your body and soul. Such feelings give life meaning and a sense of purpose.

Now Find Your Inner Chi

You can find your inner Chi through a series of physical and mental exercise.

Train your body to develop physical strength and mind to regulate where to focus more energy.

Finding your inner Chi shapes your life for good.

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