No, Chi is not the same as Prana. Chi and Prana are both life force energies, but the main difference is that Chi energy is gotten from traditional Chinese medicine while Prana is gotten from traditions, Ayurvedic, and yoga.

Both Chi and Prana can be used to promote health, happiness, and wisdom.

In this blog, I’ll be taking you through what prana and Chi are and their pros and cons.

Differences Between Chi and Prana


Prana is an Indian form of spiritual, mental, or physical energy. As I have mentioned above, it is the energy you can get from yoga and Ayurveda traditions.

It is believed that this is the source of all human energy and human beings must have it.

Prana energy is gotten by practicing yoga; thus, this energy continuously flows inside the human body, causing vitality.

When one has very little Prana in their bodies, this indicates a lack of drive and motivation and you can be depressed. When your body lack this vital energy or Prana, you may fall ill.

It is believed that the state of your mind is directly connected to the prana energy amount one has. The more Prana you have, the more peaceful you’re and the less stress you have.

A lot of yoga is recommended because Prana is power. The more you do a lot of breathing exercises like yoga, the more power you will encounter.

This energy or power pulses through your body along a particular channel and connects it to the mind leaving you with a relaxed feeling.

However, different traditions identify Prana with more than five types. Some people associate Prana with an energy-related to various body parts such as the heart, head, and throat or the digestion parts.

The Pros of Prana

According to WebMD, Prana is associated with various health benefits. They include;

  • It reduces anxiety levels.
  • It helps manage some psychosomatic disorders such as ulcers and migraines.
  • Yoga is associated with the Prana, it enables you to hold your breath for a long time, which helps increase respiratory muscle strength. This improves the functioning of your lungs.
  • It helps you reduce stress as it improves the state of your mind.

The Cons of Prana

Prana can lead to various side effects if not done correctly.

They include;

  • Nausea
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Feeling restless or psychological imbalance


Chi is vital energy obtained from traditional Chinese medicine. Unlike Prana, where the energy flows through specific body parts, Chi energy flows through each body system and organ.

Chi energy connects all the systems and organs of your body; thus, when one organ is sick, you have to check your entire body.

It is believed that when you are sick, Chi’s energy is imbalanced. Therefore, its flow must be restored to maintain a healthy flow of your body.

To keep your body balanced, you have to check your physical and mental health.

To achieve balanced physical health, you have to generally embrace healthy living by consuming nutritious foods, drinking much water, and exercising regularly.

To achieve balanced mental health, your mind has to be at peace. To have a peaceful mind, you can pray, meditate, get enough sleep and exercise good breathing by doing Tai Chi Chuan or yoga. This keeps your body active, leading to active self-healing.

Pros of Chi

Chi has several benefits, including;

  • It helps to strengthen your internal organs and body systems.
  • It helps to calm your mental state hence reducing stress and anxiety.
  • It can help to generally increase your lifespan because of the increased energy supply to your body.
  • It is associated with different rejuvenating effects on your body.

Cons of Chi

There are no severe side effects that have been associated with Chi. However, as you exercise, for example, when doing yoga or Tai Chi Chuan, you can possibly injure yourself or trip and fall and get hurt. But these are not very serious risks, unlike those posed by Prana.


Is Chi the Same as Prana? No, Chi is not the same as Prana. Chi is the energy that can be acquired from yoga or Tai Chi Chuan that flows through all the systems and organs of the body, while Prana is that energy that can be obtained from yoga and Ayurveda traditions.

  • Chi energy connects all systems and organs of the body.
  • To be healthy, your Chi energy has to be balanced. You must check on your mental and physical health to balance your body.
  • The main advantage of Chi energy is that it strengthens your systems and organs of the body.
  • Prana is the physical, spiritual, and mental energy that continuously flows in several human body organs.
  • Having enough Prana in your body leads you to have enough peace without stress.
  • The main advantage of Prana is to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • You can have migraines and breathing difficulties as side effects.

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