QiGong is an ancient Chinese practice that is generally associated with flowing movements, breathing exercises, and stretching.

However, it is generally also unknown that QiGong is also used in therapeutic applications that can help you to naturally, permanently and safely lose weight

An increasing number of Americans are becoming over overweight in present times, and one third of the overweight population is obese, putting their health and well-being in jeopardy.

But what if someone was to tell you, that your weight loss program can include more than just dieting and hitting it hard at the gym? 

It sounds far fetched I know but hear me and the evidence out…

What if your weight loss program could also incorporate a peaceful and mindful exercise that won’t just help you lose weight but will also sort out your metabolism too. 

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QiGong and weight loss 

QiGong should be a peaceful and effortless exercise, enjoyable and re-energizing that will help your body to regain its digestive fire.

It helps to relieve stress and tension from within the body too which is very important. 

While your body is under stress, your digestive system shuts down and therefore the body stores more fats, holding onto it.

QiGong stops this, transforming the stress patterns in your body and reinvigorating your digestive system, returning it to balance. 

Not only does QiGong help to bring your metabolism back to life and give your body what it needs to remove the stress that can cause excess fat storage, but it also has the potential to kill off those cravings that make us even more susceptible to gaining excess weight.

Anyone, of any age, practice level, and size can do QiGong, it is suitable for all people.

No matter where you are on your journey to better health, whether you are halfway there or if you are just beginning, it is certain to bring results that will help you further your progress and make you feel better fast. 

Is Qigong good for weight loss

QiGong exercises and your metabolism 

The best ways to start on your journey with QiGong as an assistant to your metabolism is to practice 2 minutes before you eat, and 2 minutes after you eat.

Let’s have a look at how you can do this. 

QiGong 2 minutes before you eat

Do some practices before you eat, preferably two minutes beforehand as to get the best results. 

Start by breathing deeply.

Beginning with deep abdominal breathing, bringing both your hands over your lower abdomen.

Take a few long and slow, deep breaths, feel your abdomen expand on your inhale and relax on the exhalation. 

Now practice something called ‘Fanning the fire’.

This is faster breathing which helps to charge up your metabolism.

Focus on your exhalation and squeeze all the air out, bringing your abdomen in toward your spine.

Do not worry about inhaling as this will happen naturally. 

Continue this breathing pattern and speed up the pace, do this as quickly and comfortably as you can for the best results.

It will take some practice so start off slowly, and you will get there. 

QiGong 2 minutes after you have eaten 

After you have eaten your stomach will need energy and circulation in order to properly process and digest your meal.

We eat food in order to gain energy and so when your organs are strong healthy they will absorb more energy from the food that you eat. 

Once you have eaten your food, try a simple QiGong massage to help assist the process of digestion.

To do this, bring both of your hands over the left side of your rib cage, this is where your stomach is located.

Now you want to circle your hands over this area around 50 to 100 times. 

You can do this, sitting, standing or lying down if you please, but doing this will use up energy and your food will digest better, assisting in weight loss. 

In QiGong they say that exercising is imperative for digestive health, and it is also said to increase longevity too. 

Using Qi Massage to get rid of those pesky cravings!

Both QiGong and acupressure it is fond that the ears are a very important body part when it comes to cutting out those cravings.

Ears have more use than just filtering sounds, they also have a strong connection to the central nervous system.

By stimulating your ears, your nerves relax and your brain will receive messages to calm down and relax. 

There are actually over 160 pressure points in your ears alone, which is surprising since ears are not very big.

This is a very useful technique often used to help to stop smoking, prevent food craving, and beating multiple different addictions, including addictions to hard drugs!

So, whenever you feel like you have a food craving coming along, or you want to decrease the amount of food you are eating, massage your ears, it really is as simple as that! 

Start off by taking one hand to each ear.

Circle your thumb and fingers around all the different parts of your ear.

Do this for at least a single minute for the best results. 

Not only do these pressure points help to reduce cravings, but doing this will also take your mind off of what you are currently thinking of, be it a craving or just stress. 


The most ancient healing systems believe excess weight to be a symbol of imbalance.

QiGong is a process of training your mind and body, and it is a proven way in which to restore harmony to your body and help you find your healthiest state. 

There are many ways you can use QiGong to improve your body no matter how little time you have free in your day, you do not need to go to the gym, or hit it hard on the work-outs.

You can practice taking care of your body in other ways. 

QiGong can transform your stress into vitality, cut your cravings, build muscle, boost your metabolism and much more.

Give it a try and change your life. 

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