For 10 years, I was fully focused on the yoga practice, until I found myself getting injured more often.

That’s because I had started becoming hypermobile.

At that point, I thought of trying out the largely touted Tai Chi.

In my first class, I was greeted by slow and synchronised paces, and realised just how terrible my coordination was.

I had no idea that my posture was poor. After a few days of training, I started enjoying the flow.

The movements started becoming elegant, like a moving meditation.

For its strong capacity to calm my mind, its beauty and ability to get me into a state of meditation, I have fallen in love with Tai Chi.

Then I started to look into whether Tai Chi was useful as a fighting style of Kung Fu

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Understanding Tai Chi

Initially, Tai Chi was a form of martial art. It is one of the most effective ways of developing balanced health for both the mind and the body.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice developed in the 15th century, a subtle balance between meditative, medical and martial knowledge.

The idea behind this practice is to beat your attacker to end the fight as quickly as possible.

Its lessons are taught in slow motion, to allow you to develop your body structure and mechanics.

While to the observer it appears to be fluid and relaxed, your body will feel the attraction of an iron-like power.

Why you Should Learn Tai Chi

One of the reasons you should learn Tai Chi is due to its design for actual combat.

It also places you at an advantage of relying on skill and mindfulness as opposed to strength when fighting your attacker even when they may be more powerful.

Tai Chi classes involve slow movements, which means it is low-impact unlike other martial arts.

This means that you will leave your class a better fighter without any bruises.

The martial art has a strong focus on both physical and spiritual development.

You will not only learn defensive fighting moves but also get training on meditation, breathing and posture.

The more I learned new moves, the more I realised that the movements are basic, training the body to use internal energy.

There is no difference between Tai Chi for health and that for fighting.

That’s because the structure of the body, moves alignment and breathing are the same, only that the application is focused on the task at hand.

Is Tai Chi worth it as a fighting style?

Tai Chi is indeed unique, a practice that teaches you deadly self-defence mechanisms.

Like my master told me, when executed the right way, the styles taught can help you overcome any attack.

You will only need to stay focused. I was told to dodge any weapon directed at me and focus on the body of the attacker instead.

The trick as I was given is to use my exterior vision to anticipate the attacker’s next move.

With the right meditative mindset, you will realise that whenever you lay hands on your attacker your energy will almost double.

This will enable you to feel powerful and fight with vigour your enemy cannot overcome.

However, this will only happen when taught professionally, the way Tai Chi was originally intended.

Tai Chi is a fighting style I have come to love.

You will learn the various moves that make it possible and easy to execute short-range blows from any direction.

You will also feel the strength that comes with.

If you are interested in Tai Chi for self-defence, get the instructions from an experienced Master. Good luck in your Tai Chi practice.

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