Tai Chi is best done before breakfast. This is because your body has not yet started fully metabolizing for the day, and thus, morning practice sets the pace. Morning workouts can excellently kick-start your metabolism.

Many people are unsure when is the best time to practice Tai Chi. I am a 38-year-old woman with tons of experience in the Tai Chi routine.

It has become part of my life, and I practice it every morning when I wake up.

Here are some reasons why you should also practice Tai Chi in the morning:

  • If you live in the city, you will observe that the air is fresher and cleaner in the morning. However, if you live in the country, wood smoke may be an issue for you in the morning.

Regardless, fewer people are active in the morning, and there are also fewer vehicles on the road, which may cause pollution.

  • In the morning, the body and mind are fresh compared to practicing Tai Chi in the evening, where you will most likely be tired from all the busyness. You will get the most out of your practice session in the morning, as you will certainly give it your all.
  • I discovered that when you practice in the morning, you set the tone for the day. In my experience, most morning workout routines, not only Tai Chi, gives your body a healthy kick-start to metabolism. Therefore, you will keep going for the rest of the day.
  • In the morning, your body is refueled and rested.
  • Tai Chi is mainly practiced in China. Many other sections of the world also highly practice it, but it is common among Asian countries. It is mainly practiced between 6, and 7 am.

Practicing in the evening is also not ill-advised. I have known many people who prefer to perform Tai Chi in the evening.

This helps the body wind down, prepare for sleep and possibly replenish the body with vital nutrients.

When you feel stressed, it is healthier to practice Tai Chi than to turn to alcohol. It will take your mind off things and help you refocus, strategize and re-energize.

It is also essential for you to know that some people are charged up by Tai Chi, and others are winded down. Know what time best suits you.

Tai Chi styles to do in the morning

Tai Chi is a broad area with different styles that can be practiced any time of the day. However, the most preferred time is in the morning.

Each of these styles is fitted for different situations. However, all of them have specific elements in common.

Tai Chi cultivates the flow of energy across the body.

Many westerners are still unfamiliar with the Tai Chi concept. But this is soon changing as people are now more inviting to fitness routines.

Here are the various styles of Tai Chi that you can practice every morning:

  • Sun- this is a relatively new style that is smooth, high stance, and graceful. It is beneficial to people with arthritis. It is less taxing on the joints.
  • Chen- this style has been around for a long time. It is a method of self-defense and is very effective. It is intense as compared to the other techniques.

It offers a great workout routine.

  • Wu- this style has smaller, slower, and less demanding movements. It is great for elderly individuals or those who only want a slight workout routine that is less demanding.
  • Yang- this is a popular and very accessible style. The movements in this style are gentler and slower. It may also be categorized as a low-impact workout.

Health benefits of practicing Tai Chi in the morning

Tai Chi is a great fitness workout routine that strengthens your body and soul. Here are other significant benefits, according to researchers from Harvard University, which may interest you:

  • Increase in muscle strength- Tai Chi is your go-to routine for those looking to beef up their upper and lower-body strengths. Many people often compare it to resistance training.
  • Improved balance- Tai Chi will improve your body balance and eventually reduce falls.

You may ask how? Well, proprioception is our body’s ability to sense our position in space. Tai Chi aids your body train this sense.

  • Increased flexibility- as one age, their flexibility reduces. Tai Chi may boost both the upper and lower body flexibility capabilities. This will ultimately increase your strength.
  • Aerobic conditioning- Tai Chi has different styles, and each of these has different movements and speeds. Nonetheless, if you need aerobic conditioning or your doctor prescribes a cardio workout, Tai Chi is best for you.


  • Tai Chi is best done before breakfast because your body has not yet fully started metabolizing.
  • Benefits of working out in the morning include; the air is fresh, the body is rested and refueled.
  • The various styles of Tai Chi are; Sun, Yang, Wu, and Chen.
  • Some significant benefits of Tai Chi are; aerobic conditioning, increased flexibility, improved balance, and increased muscle strength.

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