Do you want to learn Tai Chi for self-defence?

In most cases, practising Tai Chi shows people seeking serenity, peace, and meditation.

I have taken part in various Tai Chi forms and have found them so peaceful.

Besides meditation, Tai Chi is a powerful fighting technique that you can use for self-defence.

Learning these tactics, I always wondered how something so gentle and calm could be used for fighting. Here’s is how you can use Tai Chi for self-defence.

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How You Can Apply Tai Chi in Self Defense

Tai Chi for self-defence can seem like a tricky situation, especially since it’s majorly used for meditation and mind-calmness.

It is a martial art that uses slow motions and repetitive exercises to relax your body and mind. While it is a gentle and slow exercise, it can also be used for self-defence.

If used properly, the graceful pushing movements of Tai Chi can be used in combat and self-defence.

Tai Chi Exercises for Self-Defense

The Push

In Tai Chi, the opponents do not strike or hit each other.

It is usually a slight push.

For self-defence, you can quickly turn the push into a strike, which can have a massive impact on the opponent.

The Flow of Energy

Tai Chi is a form of martial art that concentrates on helping you channel your energy while being mindful of your breathing.

They are often slow motions that build up and foster a seamless flow of energy between two opponents.

The activities involved include counterpunches, throws, and kicks.

While they are slow and gentle, one can increase the pace and use these techniques for self-defence.

You only have to incorporate the pressure points.

The Self Defense Version of Tai Chi

Initially, people learnt Tai Chi for self-defence and not just for health and meditation benefits.

To ensure that you learn the self-defence version, you must learn how to control your energy flow, synchronise your breathing and be flexible.

These are the basics that will help you quickly shift to Tai Chi for self-defence.

Learn From a Professional Tai Chi Master

Tai Chi for self-defence is a broad topic. It incorporates various activities and exercises that should only be taught by a professional Tai Chi Master.

They teach you everything there is to learn.

Qualities that Make Tai Chi Effective for Self-Defense

Perfect Stability

Have you seen Tai Chi students practising?

Well, you notice that most of them are perfectly strong on their feet.

The martial art training strengthens and makes your muscles stable in every group.

Your hands, feet, and core muscles are strong.

Using this stability, you can pull off any move and defeat your opponent.

Balance Disruption for Opponents

Tai Chi teaches you how to balance your body and mind.

With your stability, you can quickly disrupt your opponents’ balance. It enables you to score.

Speedy Counter-Attacks and Unmatched Versatility

Tai Chi encompasses a lot of exercises and activities.

When you know all these moves, you can quickly counter-attack your opponent within a short time.

You are stable and more versatile to through punches for self-defence.

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