Yes. studies show incorporating Tai Chi into your lifestyle can help in lessening osteoarthritis and may prevent the occurrence of these conditions in healthy people.

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Why Include Tai Chi into Your Lifestyle?

If you do Tai Chi twice a week for three months, you can significantly relieve the pain that may be present around the knees, as denoted by Science Daily.

Have you ever seen individuals performing Tai Chi frowning in pain as they bend and stretch their joints? Well, I never have.

This is because the strengthening activities and calm movements undertaken during Tai Chi come in handy in relieving and preventing pain.

So, if you are searching for an effective and enjoyable technique to work out the aching joints, please consider giving Tai Chi a shot if your medical professional allows it (always check first)

In research comparing individuals with osteoarthritis who undertook Tai Chi exercises to the same group that only performed the routine stretching exercises, the individuals engaged in the Tai Chi exercises exhibited much more enhancements in their quality of life and osteoarthritis symptoms.

What’s more, ensuring your muscles are strong is advisable as it makes sure that the joints are well protected.

How Tai Chi Helps in Osteoarthritis Treatment


Tai chi will keep your joints flexible, in addition to relieving stiffness. Since stiffness can make you feel pain, increased flexibility reduces the pain that may arise.

As you engage in Tai Chi, your muscles, joints and body tendons move gently. As a result, Tai Chi can boost flexibility to a great extent.

Enhances Physical Condition

You need to take part in cardio-respiratory workouts if you want to strengthen your heart, stamina and lungs, assisting in maintaining your overall health.

Arthritis joints and tissues need a good blood and oxygen supply to regain health.

The suitable circulation of fluids, blood and oxygen that you get from Tai Chi keeps your joints and muscles flexible and strong.

Strengthening Muscles

If you perform Tai Chi frequently, studies have shown you can maintain and improve your muscle strength.

The best thing about this action is that it protects joints by ensuring they are as solid as possible.

Consequently, this lessens pain and fracture risks.

The beauty of involved exercises is that they will strengthen your musculature, making you live an extraordinary life full of excellent mobility and self-confidence.

Trauma and injuries are perhaps one of the reasons why most athletes suffer from osteoarthritis.

All in all, these sportspersons can continue with their everyday life by performing Tai Chi as it helps in musculature strength.

Perfect Posture

You cannot underestimate the essence of having a good body posture. With proper posture, your joints and muscles will function correctly.

It’s worth noting that a bent body with slumped shoulders is associated with negative emotions, sadness and fear.

Here is where Tai Chi kicks in as it helps you get a perfect body position.

Finally, Tai Chi emphasises body movements and coordination.

Therefore, the mental training you will get from this workout will assist you in improving your relaxation, boost your mood and mental clarity.

So, Is Tai Chi Good For Osteoarthritis?

Yes, studies by Science Daily. Harvard, and elsewhere suggest that Tai Chi can be good for Osteoarthritis but of course always consult your medical professional before undertaking any new activity as it may not be suitable for your specific case. 

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