If you are asking this question, the chances are that you are considering Tai Chi?

Well, welcome to the team. I have been practising Tai Chi, Yoga, and Qi Gong for over six years now. I initially began to use them for meditation, but they have become a daily routine that I cannot do without.

Being a married woman with children, I have many responsibilities to fulfil, which sometimes clouds my head.

I have found these techniques very helpful, especially in calming me down. Here is why Tai Chi is good for you.

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Understanding Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that is mainly used for self-defence.

Today, it has evolved into different formations and can be used for moving meditation.

Besides keeping your mind and breathing in the right form, your body also benefits from the form movements.

These movements are usually performed in a slow manner coupled with deep breathing.

Following this, each movement flows into the next one without pausing or straining your body muscles.

In return, the body maintains a gentle motion.

It Helps You Manage Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes your body only needs gentle breathing, movement, and mental concentration to regain calmness and mindfulness. Tai Chi uses these techniques and helps you distract your brain from your hectic day to day activities.

This, in turn, fosters natural stress relief. If you can manage your stress early, you can also curb anxiety and depression.

It Enhances Your Body’s Flexibility and Balance

While Tai Chi is slow and gentle, it also helps you stretch your muscles and boost flexibility.

Some forms require that you stand on one foot or stretch your hands and feet for about thirty seconds.

If you practice it consistently, your body gains more stability and flexibility.

You Get Enhanced Muscles and Definition

Tai Chi is a natural and all-rounded fitness tactic. It attends to your brain, body, and physique.

Your lower and upper body get to stretch, and, as a result, you get a well-defined body. As you begin Tai Chi, you need to start slow and listen to your body. Do not start on a high note and get stuck in the middle.

You Enjoy Better Sleep

Are you struggling with sleeplessness, too much sleep, or distorted sleeping patterns?

Exercise and physical activity will enhance the quality of your sleep.

When practising Tai Chi, your body gets used to the routine, and you experience better sleep.

This is because your mind is calm, and your body is well stretched out.

It Helps With Pain Management

Pain management can be a pain in itself. It is even worse when it results from chronic diseases such as arthritis, tension headaches, or fibromyalgia.

In most cases, these pains are recurrent and will affect your daily productivity. With consistent Tai Chi practice, your body experienced reduced pain.

Tai Chi is a mind-body exercise therapy that fosters concentration and mindfulness.

Even better, the slow and gentle motions help shift the weight hence boosting musculoskeletal strength and stability.

The pain reduces after a while.

Is Tai Chi Good for You?

Yes, Tai Chi is good for your body and mind.

Having practised it for the last six years, I can confidently say that I experienced enhanced calmness, mindfulness, and better flexibility.

Since it is a physical and natural activity, you can use it regardless of your condition.

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