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Kwoon is the special hall used by Chinese martial artists to train.

In other Chinese spheres, Kwoon is pronounced as Guan, while the Japanese call it Dojo.

However, Kwoon also has other meanings in Chinese, including a hall or place for cultural activities, an old private school or a guest accommodation place.

It is also used as a prefix to name places, a good example being Chaai Kwoon (police station), Gung Fu Kwoon (Kung Fu Studios) and Wi Kwoon (Guild Halls).

Perfect Tai Chi Facility

At my age and social status, I need a good place to practice Tai Chi.

It is a concentration activity that requires a specially designed facility for all my routines.

Sometimes my children accompany me, but I always find it better if I go alone.

What a Good Martial Arts Kwoon Must Have

  • Space – the room should be spacious and empty. Tai Chi does not need any sophisticated equipment. Bodyweight and a mat are enough.

  • Wooden Floor – since there are lots of tai chi movements, wood forms an ideal floor. It reduces the noise and the texture makes movement easy. I have once practised on a concrete floor, and its hardness made the whole procedure complicated.

  • Serenity – tai chi involves a lot of concentration and coordinated movement. Choose a quiet and chilled place to perform your routines. Although some may use gymnasiums as a Kwoon, ensure no one or only martial artist use the facility at the particular time.

  • Location – a Kwoon should not necessarily be a building. You can also practice in the open air or under a shade.

  • Martial arts pictorials – tai chi is a movement with roots and history. Most martial artists look up to legends for inspiration and guidance. A Kwoon should have pictures of legendary people such as Wang Yuanwai, Tian Zhaolin and “Big Spear” Liu.

  • Complimentary amenities – besides space and serenity, other amenities such as washrooms, resting area and locker boards complete the setup.

    The amenities help people to prepare for their next activity without necessarily going home to change.

Ideal Location to Use as a Kwoon

  • Countryside Farmhouse – the environment is relaxed and ideal for concentration. It also has fresh air and space for all the tai chi steps (but ultimately Tai Chi at the park is preferred).

  • Open Space in the field – tai chi enthusiasts that do not have a Kwoon can use the open space in the field.

  • Fitness Studios – it is a good alternative if you cannot find a quiet place for your tai chi routine. If you are a pro, consider using it when everyone is not around.

So, What Is a Kwoon?

Kwoon is a special space for martial art enthusiasts where they can train and develop their spiritualism.

It must be a unique space that invokes the concentration and spiritualism needed in martial arts.

The space should have unique features that make it more hospitable.

These features include tai chi legendary quotes and pictorials, social amenities and serenity.

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