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Master Wong is the most experienced marital Arts person you can choose.

Master Wong can help you attain a high level of Martial Arts necessary to pass down to others.

He has a YouTube channel where you can learn all the required skills.

Below are the best of master Wong tai chi videos on YouTube (see also: 10 best 5 minute Tai Chi videos).

4 Best Master Wong Videos

1. Basic tai chi qi gong lesson 1

Knowing what ti chi is is the most important thing you can learn from this video.

You will get the chance of training with master Wong in the journey to learn ti chi.

Master wong starts with some basic training for beginners from arms, hip to knees.

The video consists of the basic ti chi movement that can help you coordinate your hand and body movements.

This video basically talks about body movements and how to coordinate all the body parts to move together.

2. Basic tai chi qi gong lesson 2

the video is all about waist movements. Therefore, you will know how to move your body and hands together.

Like all master Wong’s videos, this starts with a body warm-up.

You will understand the hand to waist movement to make a swift hand movement.

He talks about the right posture to achieve maximum coordination.

3. Basic Tai Chi Qi Gong Lesson 3

This video will help you in combat. You will have your mind in place through this training hence the best training for people looking forward to using it in combat.

The video will teach you to keep your body in the right shape.

Master Wong talks about the importance of warming up big joints like the knee before the training.

At the end of the video, you will know the basic ingredient to have a perfect balance.

4. Tai Chi Daily

The video consists of two exercises that involve hands and fitness.

You will have the idea of how hands move relative to the rest of the body.

The video will teach the importance of this exercise to the hand and the full body coordination.

Without these skills, you will find it hard to move freely and correctly.

I find this exercise helpful, considering the stress I get from my daily work.

It relieves stress and gives me an easy way to solve any troubles I experience in the workplace and at home.

Why Watch Master Wong Videos On Youtube?

Whenever I feel disturbed, I always go to YouTube and open this video (or Tai Cheng videos) by master Wong, and everything gets back to normal.

The movements act like yoga training which is relaxing and gentle on the whole-body parts.

Above are the videos you can use to learn more about the best of master wong tai chi.

If you are a beginner, you will learn how to coordinate hands and body movements.

You will also learn how to swiftly move your body, combat, and this will help you put your body in good condition.

By this, you will attain hand and body fitness hence good health.

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