The Positive Impact of Meditation On Our Mind


Mind and meditation

Our mind is magnificient. The renowned author Daniel Goleman mentioned that among the more profound discoveries of modern science that mind and body are not separate and independent, but rather the same entity seen from two different angles. 

The emotional centers of the brain are tightly linked not only with the immune system but also the cardiovascular system. When we are chronically stressed and always in the fight or flight mode, the stress hormone will weaken the immune system. 

On the other hand, a mind at peace protects the body’s health. Our minds have the power to mend pain and create joy. If we cultivate a proper living, a positive and grateful attitude along with meditation, we can restore not only the mental and emotional afflictions but also our physical health. 

If you can solve your problem, 

Then, what is the need of worrying?

If you cannot solve it, 

Then, what is the use of worrying? 

– Tulku Thondup Rinpoche 

We all know that when we feel worried or sad with all our energy, we create only stress and exhaustion. That will affect our mind, body and soul. By loosening the attitude, you give yourself peace and creativity which lead to epiphany to solving your problem. The Tibetan monks have incorporated physical restoration through meditation – it is common in the Tibetan culture that the mind can restore the body. 

Our ability to find peace lies within us because our minds create the experience both positive and negative. Anyone who understands this is already on the path to awakening and wisdom. 

Even when we have to deal with daily life and obstacles, by properly guiding and training our mind, we can improve our life. And you would ask, how? It is through meditation. Meditation has everything to do with the mind because it directly influences how it functions. 

What Is Meditation And How Does It Relate To Our Mind? 

Meditation has deep and diverse roots across many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions.

Over millennia, it has evolved and adapted, giving rise to a rich tapestry of practices aimed at achieving mental clarity, spiritual insight, and overall well-being. These days, meditation is practiced worldwide, transcending cultural and religious boundaries to offer profound benefits to practitioners of all backgrounds.

Meditation is no longer limited to specific religious beliefs. Dr. Herbert Benson, M.D. who originated the Relaxation Response once mentioned that “If you truly believe in your personal philosophy or faith, if you are committed, mind and soul to your world view – you may well be capable of achieving remarkable feats of mind and body that [we] may only speculate about.” 

Meditation also raises the pain tolerance and slows down the aging process. Additionally it trains the mind to stay focused on one thing at a time, which improves our ability to concentrate and minimize mental distractions. 

Meditation makes you more aware of your emotions, helping you manage them better. You learn to observe your emotions without immediately reacting, which can lead to more thoughtful responses to situations.

It is an effective way to reduce stress, as it activates the body’s relaxation response, reducing stress and anxiety, and helps lower cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress.

Meditation can change the structure and function of the brain, improving areas related to learning, memory, and emotional regulation.

Meditation helps you stay focused on the present moment and enhance our mental clarity which is pivotal for decision making. Through meditation, I learnt my thought patterns and behaviors that lead me to developing a great sense of self awareness. 

Not only does meditation help me with self awareness, it also helps me to have a better connection with my higher self from a spiritual perspective. 

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