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I can describe Positive chi as innate energy that exists in every living and non-living thing.

Human beings, animals, plants as well as what these living things consume and the objects they interact with, possess this innate energy.

Chi represents a state of having the strength and bearing the power of life continuation and sustenance.

Chi is simply the core of what a living thing or object is.

Definition of positive chi in simple terms 

When a living or a non-living thing possesses positive chi, it means that it radiates pleasing and warm vibes.

These vibes can be felt and appreciated by everything and everyone in their environment.

It, therefore, means that such a thing is filled with goodness in its essence.

There are multiple ways in which you can bring forth positive chi in your immediate environment, such as your home.

Use These 5 Methods To Get Positive Chi In Your Life

1. Give attention to the entrance to your home.

It is at the entrance to your home that you have the first contact with chi and you need to put the effort into giving chi a pleasant welcome.

Both the exterior and interior should be clean, bright, and beautiful.

Any mess along the entrance to your home should be cleared.

Before getting to your door, proper landscaping of your home compound and giving it a fresh and serene appearance is beneficial.

This plays part in drawing the right kind of chi to your home.

Now I can move ahead to your home’s front door. The front door to your house can be referred to as the chi’s mouth.

From this reference, you already know how much emphasis should be put while tidying up and decorating the doorway.

2. Clear all the mess and clutter from your house.

Clutter in my home or your home is mainly composed of things that we no longer need, but we still insist on holding on to.

This symbolizes hesitance to making progress in our lives and therefore blocking out the flow of fresh energy into our lives.

I can talk of it as being the emotional baggage that weighs us down and denies us the happiness and peace you and I truly deserve.

You need to organize your house neatly and dispose of whatever items are not useful anymore. This creates room for good vibes to find their way and stay with you.

3.  Use proper lighting for your home.

Sunlight gives life and brightens everything around us. This is the kind of light that bears positive chi.

It creates such an ambiance and for it to get to you, your windows should be the ones to let it in.

Wiping and dusting your windows should happen regularly, to clear any hindrance to the penetration of sunlight.

When it is dark outside this is when you use lamps or any other form of preferred lighting.

The type of light emitted should be gentle and not in any way harsh to the eyes.

Such light illustrates positive chi, which sparks warmth and creates a soothing environment.

4. Choose pleasant home decor.

Keeping in mind that positive chi is all about good vibes, your choice of home decor should depict the same thing.

For instance, having a vase filled with flowers creates an instant positive impression that the house is oozing nothing but beauty.

You can also use artwork such as wall paintings that instantly radiate happiness or optimism.

In addition to this, you can have some plants in your home. Plants are viewed as an embodiment of freshness and the energy of life.

They add some kind of cheer to the home. A home with an uplifting vibe to it is an ideal place for positive chi to dwell.

5. Strike a balance between nature’s elements.

Find a way to have water, fire, earth, metal, and wood in your home.

You can opt to symbolize these elements or better still, have them physically.

Due to your emotions as a human being, you tend to gravitate towards the element missing in your life.

As a result, it is wise to have them all. This attracts positive chi which enhances your emotional stability.

Enjoy Your Chi!

Listed above are some practical ways to attract positive chi into your home or rather, into your life.

Sparking good vibes and drawing them to yourself can never get easier. Can it?

It looks like a home makeover project but as a matter of fact, the appearance of your home has a heavy impact on your temperament and welfare.

This is because you bear a sentimental connection to your home and are invested in progressively making improvements to it.

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