Have you ever wondered what exactly are the keys to happiness for your life?

As for myself, I have often questioned what these crucial factors are throughout my life.

And as I progress through this journey of life to find true happiness, I have tried to find that inner peace and calm of my mind that we all want and need.

My research has uncovered a wealth of knowledge, and I am happy to be sharing this with you.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this article as I try to share the knowledge I have gleaned over time on how you can be truly happy with both yourself and others around that are around you.

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Powerful Predictors of Happiness in Life

Researchers have studied and reported that people that have true happiness, in fact, do experience a long and rewarding life.

Healthy Behaviour Patterns

Happy people have healthier behavioural patterns (i.e., they do not have weight control issues and have adopted healthy living practices).

Abstaining From Risky Behaviours

Furthermore, people with happiness traits inhibited or abstained from life’s risky behaviours. (source: Happiness & Health: The Biological Factors- Systematic Review Article).

They Stay Active

Personally, as a fit and healthy female, I always make time in my busy schedule to exercise and keep fit – besides the aesthetic benefits, the after-effects I feel always liven up my day.

They Help Other People Smile

Did you know that putting a smile on someone else’s face is also another way to make yourself genuinely happy?

They Support Others

And giving someone at work assistance – either social or work-related – was even more important to sustained satisfaction and commitment for all parties involved.

For example, when people exhibited positive behaviours such as supporting a peer at work who was feeling overcome, taking up some slack for your teammate, or inviting a co-worker out to lunch, not only were they ten times likely to be involved at work than those workers who were more private, but they were also 40 per cent more likely to receive a work promotion.

This is all according to Shawn Achor, who is a world-renowned ‘Happiness’ expert and TED keynote speaker. (source: Five Ways to Boost Your Happiness in a Mere 15 Minutes)

But this doesn’t mean that you have to help every single soul who comes across your path in life.

The key is that when it comes to friends, it is not about the quantity of friendships you have, but it is the quality of your confidential relationships that really matter.

I personally have a core group of four remarkable and exceptional girlfriends that I simply adore being around, and I know that they adore and love me too.

Robert Waldinger, a distinguished psychiatrist and professor at the prestigious Harvard Medical School, reckons that you should make sure your relationships are healthy and positive because your readiness to commit to a person or people is simply not enough to realise the benefits. (source: The Harvard Gazette in 2017)

And one last point; ‘practice makes perfect’, and this profound saying is quite true when it comes to happiness – and not just because it is old and wise.

It begins with your head – training or teaching your brain to be positive is not so dissimilar from training your muscles while at the gym.

Contemporary research on neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change – even in adulthood – has revealed that as you acquire new habits, you can, in essence, positively rewire your brain. (source: Adult Neuroplasticity: More Than 40 Years of Research)

These Are The Most Powerful Predictors of Happiness According To Research

So why not start your quest for self-happiness by using these ideas, techniques and research that has been described within this article.

And lastly, I truly wish you all the best of luck in your personal mission to achieving happiness – it will be a pathway that will enlighten you and hopefully enable you to attain true happiness.

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