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If you are interested in the Chinese healing and mediation practice of Qigong, you’re probably thinking of starting your first lessons.

First of all, you are making a great life choice since Qigong exercise comes with many health benefits.

When going for Qigong practice, you don’t put on your regular sinkers and gym outfit.

Knowing what to wear while practising Qigong is essential since it significantly affects the overall session.

What clothes to wear when practising Qigong

The answer is quite simple. You can wear loose-fitting, light and comfortable clothing to practice QiGong successfully.

You can also choose to either practice Qigong barefoot or in flat-soled shoes.

It is advisable to wear such clothes because they don’t interfere with your practice and balance.

Appropriate clothing for Qigong facilitates free movement that helps move oxygen and blood, nourishing the tissues and organs, thus promoting healing.

If you have watched some QiGong on YouTube or anywhere, you may have noticed that the art involves many slow turns, stretches and seated postures.

All of the entire practice requires you to be able to move smoothly and freely without any obstructions.

Below I have expanded on the essential QiGong clothing.

3 essential items of QiGong clothing

1. Loose-fitting cotton pants, shirts or shirts

If you hope to have a smooth and successful session, loose-fitting cotton clothing is the best type of cloth to wear.

Clothing made of cotton has excellent breathability, which prevents overheating.

These clothes will allow your skin to breathe and absorb sweat appropriately.

Your clothing should also be loose and comfortable to allow the flow of Qi.

Qi moves along its energy channels which tend to be close to the skin surface.

Try to avoid tight elastic around your legs and waist since this restricts the flow of Qi.

You can wear QiGong pants as they are ideal for practising.

2. Shoes

It is recommended to wear the ideal practice shoes for QiGong.

The shoes should:

  • Be light, having a thin sole to avoid extra weight that may cause fatigue
  • Have wide base support in the sole to enable you balance and stay stable
  • Can have shock absorbents pads inside the sole to reduce pain and injuries
  • Be very flexible and comfortable to help you make swift moves easily

Shoes designed specifically for QiGong are the best when practising since they come with all the above qualities.

You can get them at a martial art shop near you.

When buying QiGong shoes, remember to check for quality and confirm them carefully, putting the above four critical elements in mind.

3. No accessories and extras

You might be used to putting on nice smelling perfume or wearing your earrings, necklaces or arm bracelets, but these kinds of accessories are not advisable to wear during the practice.

Before you begin, ensure that you have no dangling jewellery, perfume and any other extras items since they create distractions for you and others during the QiGong session.

Avoid putting on these items as much as possible to have a comfortable practice.

Parting words on QiGong Clothing

Remember that Qigong is a meditative martial art that requires concentration, focus and a quiet mind.

To have an excellent Qigong practice, you can note the above items to have and to avoid during the session.

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