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Qigong massage is a non-invasive therapeutic massage technique used for managing a wide range of conditions.

For instance, studies show it could be used for managing pain, improving flexibility, improving posture, and enhancing sensory needs.

Qigong massage therapy is often made up of meditation and graceful movement exercises.

These movements and activities are usually effortless to do.

The repetitive movements also offer a wide range of benefits.

6 Benefits of Qigong massage therapy

Below are the primary benefits of Qigong massage therapy:

1. Improving sleep

This massage technique helps calm the body. By doing so, it helps improve your sleep.

Practitioners also believe that Qigong massage therapy can help eliminate negative energy.

By doing so, it helps the body relax. A relaxed body significantly helps with sleep.

Taking part in Qigong massage also helps trigger the production of serotonin.

Serotonin is a calming neurotransmitter.

You can achieve the improvement benefits of Qigong massage if you attend regular massage sessions.

Improving your sleep quality will go a long way in improving your general health.

2. Stress reduction

This form of massage therapy helps reduce stress significantly.

This happens when the calming neurotransmitters are developed after regular Qigong massage sessions.

By calming the body, these neurotransmitters also help calm the mind.

This can be highly efficient in stress reduction.

3. Injury prevention

Some bodily injuries develop because of the body’s locked ligaments and joints.

For instance, when the ligaments are either locked or overstretched, they can cause painful injuries.

Attending Qigong massage sessions can help prevent these injuries.

While the massage technique is simple, it has numerous benefits on the ligaments and joints.

It can help improve ligament flexibility hence reducing the likelihood of injuries.

4. Promoting faster recovery

As mentioned above, Qigong is a therapeutic massage technique.

For this reason, it is recommended for people who have experienced injuries or undergone surgery.

In such cases, Qigong massage therapy can help speed up the recovering process.

It does this by increasing blood circulation throughout the body. It also helps improve ligament and joint flexibility, hence ensuring faster recovery.

5. Lowering blood pressure

Qigong therapy can also help lower your blood pressure significantly.

This is because the treatment helps improve blood circulation.

It also helps lower blood pressure by increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels.

Note that vascular elasticity impacts the blood pressure conditions in the body.

Therefore, by increasing blood circulation and improving vascular elasticity, qigong massage therapy can help lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of severe medical conditions like heart attacks.

6. Enhancing the immune system

Research conducted in 2003 shows that qigong massage therapy can help boost your immune system.

It works by increasing monocytes and lymphocytes in the body.

These components are types of white blood cells. Monocytes are responsible for the fight against cancer cells and a variety of infections.

On the other hand, lymphocytes help kill cancerous cells, antigens, prevent autoimmune diseases and support other white blood cells.


Qigong massage therapy offers a wide range of benefits.

These are both physical and mental health benefits.

However, the benefits are easy to achieve if the massage sessions are conducted regularly.

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