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I know several people who’d like to be doing their Qigong exercises on a daily routine.

However, some factors prevent them from doing so.

The most common factor especially for beginners is that they do not remember the involved moves from class.

You can start practising with what you can recall or you could try out these Qigong videos that I have found for you.

They only take about 5 minutes to 10 minutes each.

You can start right away as there is no introduction or special equipment that is required.

Just find some space nearby and enjoy these Qigong videos!

10 Best Qigong Videos on YouTube

Qigong circle hands up

This is my favourite Qigong video on YouTube. It is very calm and relaxed and has easy-to-do Qigong exercises.

To me, this is just like how it was with my first Qigong instructor.

If she would create a video, it would probably resemble this.


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5 element Qigong practice

In this video, I like the relaxed voice as well as the amazing background.

I mean, who would not like to do their Qigong exercises under such a setting.

More so, in this video, you will learn more about the five elements of Qigong.


Qigong for upper back standing routine

This is also another Qigong on YouTube that has a pleasant setting.

The video is specifically for the neck and upper back.

I like to do this type of Qigong when I have sat at my computer for too long.

By following the instructions in this video, you will stretch and ease tension in your upper back muscles.


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Resolving stress with Qigong (by The Health Bridge)

In this video, there is plenty of talking.

But the moves displayed in this video are quite effective. I recommend that you continue with your exercise even they start talking.


Immune boost Qigong

This is a wonderful set of soft Qigong exercises that are well explained and are easy to follow.

Except for the strange hand whirling movement in front of your head, everything else is just easy to do.


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Qigong longevity exercises 1-6

All the exercises in this YouTube video are done seated.

Even though there is some echo in the room, the ladies in the video smile and have fun during these exercises.


18 Chi Quong Shibashi (Tai Chi Qigong 18)

This video is a mystery to me. There are no explanations – just Chinese instructions.

However, the movements are easy to do if you’ve practiced Qigong before.


Qigong warm-up exercise

This video guides you on how to start to warm up for Qigong with rotations of the head, shoulders, knees, and hips.


Qigong – twist the waist

This is a great exercise to do in the morning.

It is quite simple to do and remember which means that you won’t need to look at the screen for the entire time.


Qigong upper body stretch seated

For this Qigong video, you need to do it while seated.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can still do this!


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10 Best QiGoing Videos On Youtube

These are the 10 of the best Qigong videos on YouTube.

I hope you have fun doing the Qigong exercises in these YouTube videos (also look at Tai Cheng videos). Happy Qi!

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