Are you feeling like something is holding you back? Your body is most likely suffering from spiritual blockages.

Spiritual blocks are essentially anything that creates resistance within the self.

Furthermore, Spiritual blockages cause an energetic imprint of heaviness in your energy circles. Under this condition, you will feel gloomy, heavy or dark.

As a result, you will view your world in a state of fear, paranoia and anger. A situation that deters you from achieving your emotional potential fully.

The spiritual blockage is a residue of past trauma, heavy emotions, or a painful occurrence stuck in your energy body.

However, the process of removing spiritual blockages is essential for your peace.

This guide will discuss 6 steps that you can use to remove spiritual blockages from your body successfully.

6 Ways To Remove A Spiritual Blockage

The following are some of the steps you can use to cleanse your body from spiritual blockage.

#1. Nature therapy

Nature is a powerful tool that is renowned for removing a spiritual blockage in your mind.

When you get out into nature, its purity creates a natural way you can reboot your mind as you gaze and embrace the beauty of mountain range, midnight starfield, or breeze from the ocean.

This natural scene enables your body to hold on to its awareness by blocking any spiritual blockages.

#2. Meditate frequently

When you spend your time occasionally meditating, you will profoundly heal your mind and restore your system balance from any spiritual blockage.

When you frequently meditate, you will benefit in two crucial ways.

Meditation is the best antidote for your stress, which drives away the spiritual blockage. It minimizes your blood pressure, a stress hormone, and muscle tension.

Meditation will help you to enter the field of pure consciousness, where any spiritual blockage washes away.

#3. Practice Yoga

When you practice classic yogic breathing, you cleanse your mind and body from any spiritual blockage.

The two traditional yogic techniques are Kapalabhati breathing and Bhastrika breathing, which are good in mobilizing and flushing any negative energy from your body.

#4. Keep your body moving

The spiritual blockage has a negative mindset that causes inertia and lethargy, making your body sink into oblivion.

One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to get up and move your body.

When your body is in motion, you activate your subtle energetic system.

As a result, it allows the power to flow without interference, to shed out the spiritual blockage.

#5. Be happy

A smile on most occasions is a simple sentiment, but this aesthetic activity has magic in itself.

A good smile is contagious and helps one release neuropeptides, a chemical that allows the body to lower the stress level.

That is why it’s recommendable to keep your face smiling always.

#6. Positive affirmation

One of the best and most effective ways to cleanse your spiritual blockage is to chant positive affirmations.

When you are alone, it is advisable to sit quietly and visualize yourself. Then close your eyes and start chanting positive affirmation that you are comfortable.

A repetition of this positive affirmation gives you a positive vibration that strengthens your energy field.

Remove Your Spiritual Blockages

In case of a spiritual blockage attack, it is possible to loosen the grip of negative energy it has over you.

If you can practice meditation, yoga, nature therapy, be happy, or keep your body frequently moving over some time.

You will start to actualize your neural pathway positively.

As a result, you will feel more comfortable, enjoy, life and see the world entirely.


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