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Traditional and soft qigong differ in some ways.

In traditional qigong, the exercises are more vigorous and engaging unlike soft qigong which entails more of yoga positions.

Soft qigong

Soft qigong, on the other hand, is more of yoga. Just like the daily morning practices before you head to work.

The main aim of doing soft qigong is when you are the kind of person who likes taking a little bit of time when it comes to the morning practices.

Also, the exercises are not vigorous which is favourable for anyone.

Warm up exercises for soft qigong

As much as soft qigong is among the simplest ways you can experience all forms of meditation, these are the exercises that you can take to make it a success.

1.Finger Stretching

This is when you are flexing your fingers and knuckles to boost on their strength.

More so, through doing this, it will make you feel right in to the mood before the whole process begins.

2.Wrist Rolls

This activity in a warm up is aimed in softening and releasing tensions on the joints.

Furthermore, the exercise will work best on the arm movements all though the length of the arm, shoulders and fingertips.

3.Shoulder Rolls

The body movements bases its performance with how the joints and bones of the body are aligned.

Muscles play an important role and through this exercise, you will get a great deal of tension relief.

4.Warmup waist circles

Seemingly as you do love doing yoga, this part of the warm up is a “must do” as simple as it seems, it is very effective in releasing muscle tensions in the lower back and the hips.

Traditional qigong

All through the years, the qigong has gone through a series of transition to what it has come to be in the future.

The ancient exercise mostly involves healing techniques which includes: meditation, controlled breathing and movement processes.

the main aim of traditional qigong was to promote spiritual energy.

However, other exercises were more vigorous that involved martial arts.

The main aim of traditional qigong was to promote spiritual energy.

However, other exercises were more vigorous that involved martial arts excises.

Ever since I got interested with qigong, I realised that the traditional ways con-currently were almost the same as tai chi.

Although these movements are simple, they are slow and they are done repeatedly.

One of the most basic form is known as the Baduajin which has eight different pieces (pieces of brocade).

Eight pieces of brocade

As these are the simple moves, in this section of the article, you will be able to see the eight different exercises and how they are going to benefit your health.

1.Palms raised to heaven

Common as it is, it involves holding both of your hands up. Straight facing the heavens. Through this procedure, you will reduce anxiety levels, panic and insomnia.

2.Drawing a bow

This is the pretense act where you pick up a bow intension to shoot the hawk. It benefits the kidneys and strengthen the lower body.

3. Separating Heaven and earth

A self-explanatory move that benefits the lower part of the body, especially the spleen and stomach.

4.The wise owl gazes backwards

it involves turning all the way back maintaining the body posture. This helps the entire spine.

5. Shake the head and swing tail

The bear turns side by side. It helps to regulate the heart and lung function.

6.Punching with angry eyes

Gazing angrily while punching. Improves liver function.

7. Press the earth and touch the sky

holding your feet with two hands. It helps strengthen the kidney and waist.

8. Lifting up the heels

standing on your toes and bouncing. Helps in healing the immune system.

That’s Soft QiGong

Qigong has made a huge change in boosting personality and improving spirituality.

Although traditional qigong is vigorous and engaging, soft qigong on the other hand embraces yoga positions.

If you are looking for a way to boost your gratitude and daily wellbeing, then considering these forms of qigong will be the way to go.

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