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Here are 10 of the best Tai Cheng videos on Youtube for you to practice and learn the correct moves and practice along with an expert.

  1. Wing Chun Tai Chi JKD

This is the best YouTube channel to learn martial arts. The site concentrates on teaching women self-defence, kickboxing, and fitness. While visiting the site, I found three new videos every week.

  1. Dr Paul Lam- Tai Chi Productions

Doctor Paul is a family physician and a Tai Chi expert. He has created the health program with an enthusiastic team of experts.

I found lots of quality instructional DVS, books, CDs, and other materials. He posts one video every month.

  1. Enter Tai Chi

With a frequency of five videos every week, Enter Tai Chi is a YouTube channel with comprehensive martial art system training.

The YouTuber believes that you must learn the underlying principles behind the techniques.

  1. TaiChiHealthProducts.org

Are you looking for senior-friendly videos? Well, you have come to the right place.

The YouTube channel gives seniors an exciting array of Tai Chi ways to live a holistic life.

  1. Practicalmethod

The YouTuber posts mini-lessons and clips of Master Chen Zhonghua’s martial arts teachings.

You get two high-quality videos every week.

  1. Discover TaiJi

This is a family-oriented YouTube channel with online training courses for martial arts.

Based on the Heaven Man Earth Taiji system, you get at least six videos quarterly.

  1. David-Dorian Ross

This is the best YouTube channel for Tai Chi beginners. You learn the tips, do’s, and don’ts of Tai Chi.

If you are a more experienced and knowledgeable student, you can always get more insights from learning David-Dorian Ross. You can expect one video every day.

  1. Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center with Jake Mace

Jake Mace teaches you everything you need to know about Martial Arts and Asian Self Defense systems of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong.

It is a great starting point for new Tai Chi students.

  1. Taiji Zen

Launched by Jet Li and Jack Ma, the YouTube channel promotes health and happiness through Taiji practices.

Its curriculum includes martial arts intensive programs and modernly customised fitness programs.

  1. Deyin Taijiquan Institute

With three videos every month, Deyin Taijiquan Institute, you will get many insights on Yang Style, Sun Style Taiji, Taiji Kungfu Fan, and Xing Yi Quan.

The Top Tai Cheng Videos on Youutube

There are so many Tai Cheng YouTube channels out there.

Your selection depends on your preferences as well as your understanding of the language.

While the techniques have their roots in Asian countries, you can also find English YouTube channels that you can learn from. Feel free to explore.

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