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Have you been feeling stressed and depressed of late? Perhaps you have tried various stress-relieving methods without success!

But have you tried Tai Cheng or Tai Chi?

In my struggles to balance work and spending time with my kids, I sometimes feel pressured and stressed.

Like many people, I have tried plenty of stress-relieving methods, including using supplements, without success.

To be honest, using some of these methods seemed to pile up the pressure rather than help relieve the stress.

However, things have been significantly different since I started practicing Tai Cheng and Tai Chi.

If you have been struggling with anxiety and depression, then you should look into these two exercises.

But before you start practicing Tai Cheng and Tai Chi, it is essential to know their difference and understand which is well suited for you.

The Difference between Tai Cheng and Tai Chi

Are there any differences between Tai Cheng and Tai Chi? Why not just take Tai Chi classes?

These are but a few questions I get from my readers and friends.

There is a difference between Tai Cheng and Tai Chi.

  • Tai Cheng is essentially Tai Chi simplified, as it has only 18 fundamental moves that almost anybody can master.

  • With Tai Cheng, you do not have to worry about mastering a large number of moves before you get to the point when you are actually doing the exercises.

  • Another difference between Tai Chi and Tai Cheng lies in the time it takes to master the moves. Tai Cheng is suitable for people with limited time to spare as it takes a few weeks to get well conversant with.

  • However, if you are more inclined to spend more time on the exercises, Tai Chi would be your best choice as it has an ‘endless variety of moves.’

But, which is better between Tai Chi and Tai Cheng?

Although these two exercises have differences, their benefits are more similar than not.

That’s why I say Tai Cheng is a simplified version of Tai Chi.

Both Tai Cheng and Tai Chi offer stress-relieving benefits.

Additionally, they help reduce anxiety and improves mood. Most importantly, practicing these two exercises can help you improve flexibility, agility and balance.

Therefore, if you have to choose between Tai Cheng and Tai Chi, the choice would often depend on the amount of time you are willing to spend practicing and mastering the moves.

For me, I choose Tai Cheng as I cannot afford to spend months practicing and mastering Tai Chi moves.

However, you can start with Tai Cheng and then graduate to Tai Chi once you feel less pressured and can spare extra time.

Tai Cheng vs Tai Chi

Although Tai Chi and Tai Cheng offer similar benefits, there are a few key differences separating the two.

Tai Cheng (check out these videos) has only 18 fundamental moves, making it easier to master compared to Tai Chi.

If you want to choose between Tai Chi vs Tai Cheng, you should consider the amount of time that you are willing to spend practising and mastering the moves.

If you have less time, go with Tai Cheng.

Otherwise, Tai Chi will be a better choice if you have a lot of time to spare.

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