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Are you looking to learn Tai Chi?

Initially developed for self-defence, Tai Chi is among the most used exercise for stress reduction and other health conditions.

Unlike regular meditation, Tai Chi refers to meditation in motion in order to promote serenity through gentle and soft flowing movements.

Not only do you relax, but you also move your body (rigorously or low impact) depending on your Tai Chi fitness level.

Being a fitness enthusiast, I have tried different techniques and body movements such as yoga but found Tai Chi interesting.

It is as easy as you make it seem.

Tai Chi 10 Form Movements

  1. Commencing Form

Commencing is an opening posture that you can begin by raising and lowering your hands.

As you do this, you need to breathe as you stand, and relax your body.

Ensure that you breathe through your nose at your pace.

As a beginner, remember that your cardio is not as strong as others hence the need to start slow. Follow your body.

  1. Repulsing the Monkey

This is a movement that requires you to move both right and left.

It is an easy movement that you can learn as a beginner and as an expert.

It follows a backward stepping technique to help your body relax and get into Tai Chi mode.

  1. Brush Knee

This refers to the hands brushing over the knee so that the left leg forward means the left-hand brushes over the left knee.

Besides strengthening your legs and deepening the stance, you get to increase your flexibility in your hips.

  1. Parting the Horse’s Mane

The movement begins with you holding your chi ball and getting a comfortable posture while holding the ball.

You then use your imagination and use your hand to stroke down a horse’s mane.

You stroke the horse with one hand as you hold an imaginary mirror with the other.

  1. Cloud Hands

Tai Chi concentrates on your waist. This technique requires that you wave your hands like clouds.

Your hands and arms should rotate and move in a circular pattern to strengthen your core.

  1. Golden Cockerel Standing on the Left, then the Right

While it may seem challenging at first, this is a very balancing exercise.

Standing on one leg not only helps you maintain good health but also protects you from dementia.

  1. Kick Out Right, Kick Out Left

The movement is just as simple as it sounds.

It involves lifting each leg as high as possible as you kick in the air. You get an enhanced body position.

  1. Grasping the Bird’s Tail

This is a core fighting technique that involves a series of movements.

Used in fights, it disrupts your opponent’s centre of balance.

  1. Cross Hands or Embrace the Tiger

Cross your hands and imagine that an opponent is approaching you from behind at the right corner.

You can then turn your waist, separate your arms, and step your right feet towards the opponent.

You then complete by putting your right wrist facing down first and turning it to embrace.

  1. Closing Form

When you are done doing your form, you can lower your hands and get into a relaxing and comfortable position.

Congratulations on your completion.


Being a fitness enthusiast, I have practised Tai Chi for a couple of years now and can attest to its massive benefits.

Besides getting a healthier and stronger body, your mind also opens and alleviates stress.

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