Are you looking for Tai Chi alternatives?

Well, worry not. If Tai Chi is not for you, you can use other mind-body interventions and exercises depending on your body type, preference, and agility. Tai Chi is a healing martial art that enables vital energy circulation in the body.

It uses breathing and stretching techniques to attend to the body, mind, and physique.

I have used it for a couple of years and can attest to its effectiveness.

During this time, I also used other techniques to test my body and spice things up.

Here are my best Tai Chi alternatives…

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1. Qigong

This is the most common alternative to Tai Chi. It is a martial art that helps you focus on the energy within you.

It draws upon natural forces to optimise and balance the energy in you.

This is often through body posture, breathing and meditation.

It is a better alternative to Tai Chi as it is slower and gentler.

Besides offering you holistic healing, the practice helps you become more mindful of the energy in you and your surroundings.

You can quickly create a balance between the two and lead a better life.

2. Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that people use to strengthen their muscles, enhance postural alignment and flexibility.

Like Tai Chi, you can do it with or without equipment and attain optimal results.

With Pilates, you practice slow and precise movements as you control your breathing pace.

It mainly targets your core, trunk, and abs.

While it majorly works for your core, most Pilates’ instructors incorporate other moves that engage your arms, lower legs, glutes, and back.

It is an excellent workout for the whole body.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a common mind and body practice. It involves different physical postures, breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation.

By using all these techniques, you enjoy better mental and physical well-being. Just like Tai Chi, Yoga practice uses deep breathing, concentration, and physical poses.

It has different forms or branches, such as hatha yoga, raja yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, and tantra yoga.

Depending on the form you choose, you get a different focus and has distinct characteristics.

4. Dance

Can you move your body? Well, if you can move your body, you can dance.

Dancing is a great way to express yourself using bodily movements. Besides the fun, you also get to stretch your body and enhance stability.

While there are different types of dance, all of them integrate the mind, body, and spirit.

You can choose to start with slow dances as you work your way to the quick and strenuous ones.

5. Martial Arts

Tai Chi and Qigong fall under the martial arts category.

What you don’t know is that there are other forms of martial arts that you can also use to calm your mind and engage your body.

They include Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, and Capoeira. Most of them are highly physical and qualify to be intense workouts.

Slowly begin as you engage your body and mind. Within a few weeks, you will get more energy, discipline, and self-esteem.

Which Tai Chi Alternative Will You Try?

There are many mind and body exercises that you can practise besides Tai Chi.

In this article, I concentrated on my five most favourite options and hope you got more.

All of them are suitable for different people regardless of age, gender, and health condition.

I have used all of them, but Tai Chi remains my best due to the slow and gentle movements.

However, I would still advise that you see your doctor

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