As with any other fitness or relaxation regimen, Tai Chi works differently for everyone.

One common question that I come across is if it conflicts with Christian values which to me seems like an odd question on the surface considering most people who practice Tai Chi simply view it as an exercise or form of meditation.

But I understand why it may be an issue for some and in this piece, I will try to address that topic.

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Understanding the Roots of Tai Chi

The origins of Tai Chi trace back to ancient China. Initially, the meditation and exercise technique was developed for self-defence.

Over time, it became more of a health-enhancing practice rather than a form of martial arts. Tai Chi is based on Taoist beliefs.

It focuses on improving the Chi or QI, which Taoism explains as the inner universal energy.

Through slow movements, controlled breathing and meditation, Tai Chi helps to direct this power to promote good health.

Taoism also tells of the two opposite elements in every being – yin and yang – that have to be balanced for good health.

From this perspective, Tai Chi can be a useful tool of mindfulness that is derived from a principle source of creation.

The Christian Perspective on Tai Chi

Christianity believes that one omnipresent and omnipotent God created every living being. From its teachings, each person is created in God’s image.

So, there is no universal force that holds everything together.

Christianity does not recognise the existence of yin and yang.

When it comes to healing, faith works miracles.

Human beings cannot claim to manipulate energy inside them and will their bodies to heal. God is the ultimate healer in Christianity.

Even with medical intervention, Christians believe that God works through doctors.

From this point of view, it is clear that Tai Chi does not have a place in Christianity.

Although the technique promotes spirituality, its core principles can be hard for Christians, especially staunch ones, to reconcile with.

Remember that Christianity has nothing against exercises or meditation, as far as I know.

So, I believe that if you are in Tai Chi solely for the slow movements and mindfulness, it should not clash with your faith.

Ultimately, personal beliefs will influence your decision about whether to get into Tai Chi or not.

As with many ancient traditions, Tai Chi does not blend with Christianity.

The beliefs on which the practice is based contrast drastically with Christian teachings.

So, although Tai Chi offers numerous health benefits, some Christians might have a hard time embracing it.

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