The article explores the fundamental tai chi breathing exercises to help you with your practice and highlights the reason why mind exercises are the best way to improve both your physical and mental health.

I came to learn about tai chi by chance in my mid-20s and when I learned the movements correctly and practiced regularly the positive effects it has had in my life have been tremendous.

But it wasn’t until I mastered Tai Chi breathing routines that I experienced my real breakthrough so I want to share those with you today…

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Breathing exercises

Tai chi emphasizes the internal energy of the body. The soft movements alternate energy in the storing, gathering, and delivery.

Inhaling is an energy-storing exercise while exhaling delivers or expels the energy.

This is applied to all tai chi movements with the alternation of closing and opening movements.

1. Normal abdominal breathing (Zheng Fu Hu Xi)

You stand with both hands touching under the navel (dan tian).

This increases the communication between your lower dan tian and your mind. Your tongue tip ought to touch the mouth palate.

Deeply inhale through the nose as you gently push the abdominal muscles out and huiyin cavity down.

During exhalation, you draw your abdomen inward and upwards. You can practice this exercise till your mind can effectively and efficiently control your abdominal muscles.

2. Reverse abdominal breathing (Fan Fu Hu Xi, Ni Fu Hu Xi)

In this breathing technique, both hands should be touching your lower dan tian and the tongue at the palate.

When inhaling you draw in the abdomen while pulling up the huiyin cavity.

During exhaling the abdomen is pushed out and gently the huiyin cavity down.

If you have trouble with the technique like experiencing tension in your dantian area, gentle massages help relieve the tension.

3. Wuji Breathing

The breathing is also called embryonic breathing. When practicing Wuji the mind is at the center of gravity while using reverse abdominal breathing.

With Wuji during inhalation, the lower back muscles are pushed inward and out when you exhale.

This exercise helps you locate the centre of gravity.

4. Tai chi Ball Breathing

The breathing technique employs the Martial Grand Circulation techniques and the tai chi ball exercise.

Holding both hands in front of your lower dantian with your palms facing another.

During inhalation, the abdomen is drawn inward with the huiyin upward and palms spread apart.

When exhaling you press your palms towards the other.

With continued practice, you will feel an invisible form while mastering your breathing throughout the practice with a stronger qi developing.

Tai Chi Breathing Exercises Are Important

Tai chi breathing exercises as a form of meditation practice is important for your physical and mental health.

The energy flows and balance will ensure you live a healthy and stress-free life.

You will get to understand your body language through the breathing exercises.Thank you for reading this article.

I hope it helped you with your Tai Chi practice.

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