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Being a mother and a wife, I rarely find time for myself; that’s why I decided to incorporate Tai chi into my schedule so that it can be sort of my ‘me time’.

I had been practicing other active routines like yoga and QiGoing, but I wanted something more.

Learning Tai chi was not easy, but the incredible results kept me going.

Today, I can coordinate my movement and enjoy powerful mind relaxation as I do my Tai chi.

Even better, I learnt ‘Tai Chi Easy,’ which makes my practice easy and fun.

Tai chi easy is a Tai chi approach that makes practices more fun from the start.

Let’s dive deeper to see what it is and its benefits.

What is the “Tai Chi Easy” System?

As mentioned, “Tai Chi Easy” is a Q(Chi) and Tai chi technique that allows the practices to be fun, easy and beneficial from the start.

This method was developed by Dr. Roger Jahnke.

As the name suggests, Tai chi easy has made Tai chi movements easier as the student no longer has to devote years to learn the initial 108 tai chi movement form.

It’s not even close to the shortened form, 24, 36 and 42 movement.

Tai Chi Easy is meant to improve the quality of life for anyone who practices it, whether they are well or unwell.

It makes it easier to enjoy all the amazing health benefits of Tai chi, including calming your emotions and keeping positive energy.

Whether you are dealing with severe health conditions, chronic pain, depression or limited mobility, you can still practice tai chi easy.

With its simplified Tai chi styles, you will easily adapt to the program and empower your self-management skills.

Is Tai Chi Easy any good?

Tai chi easy comes with numerous health benefits.

From increasing flexibility, improving balance, relieving pain, diminishing stress to recovering from injuries, Tai chi easy is the master of all with fun and easy movements.

Besides, the practices are simplified, so you don’t lose your breath when practicing.

You learn to coordinate your movements and relax your mind during the practice in a fun way.

Even better, tai chi easy suits people of all ages and translates to incredible health results.

Apart from improving your fitness, older people may find this practice more accommodative as it has low impact movements and allows minimal stress on joints and muscles.

If you are recovering from internal or physical injuries or have arthritis, this is the program for you.

Its other benefits include improving daily physical functioning, sleep quality, cardiovascular health as well as lowering blood pressure.

Final note on the Tai Chi Easy System

Now you know that ‘Tai Chi Easy’ is a simplified approach to tai chi movements that is easy, fun and beneficial from the beginning.

The practice is good for anyone well or unwell as it includes low impacts movements with less stress on your joints and muscles.

Apart from being easy, the practice comes with numerous health benefits reducing anxiety and improving your emotional as well as physical health in general.

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