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Studies have shown that low impact and therapeutic exercises, like Tai Chi, can be safe for bad knees.

Likewise studies by Harvard claim it may be as good as physical therapy and that it can reduce pain.

This is especially the case for people who suffer from chronic knee pain.

But ultimately the answer to this question depends on whether or not you practice Tai Chi correctly.

This is because Tai-Chi offers the correct form of low-impact motion that helps with bad knees.

Tai Chi moves that may be beneficial for bad knees

Below are some examples of Tai Chi moves that someone with bad knees can benefit from doing:

Weight suffering

This is where you use the center of the back of your knees as a passing point for weight.

You can do this by moving gravity or pressure down your legs to the feet through the back of your knees.

Doing this allows your body to regularly flush the cluster of lymph nodes located behind your knees.

It, therefore, improves your overall health.


Bending your knees requires you to bed at your hips, as though you are sitting back on a stool.

This means that the knees and hips move together.

When done correctly, bending motions can help rebuild and rebuild and heal many numerous knee problems.

When doing your bending exercises, you need to focus your attention on the back of the knees.

You also need to avoid letting your knees bend inwards or bow outwards.

Doing this could cause your knees to buckle and break down.

Stepping and walking

These exercises can also help significantly with bad knees.

When bending or walking, you must check your central equilibrium.

You must also ensure that you are stable and let your weight transfer through the correct channels before taking a step.

Doing this will help align your knees and offer support that could be beneficial for your knees.


Turning at the hips and allowing your hip to move your foot in the direction you will also go a long way in helping your bad knees.

However, ensure that you do not turn with the knees as they cannot handle the twisting motion. Instead, use your hips.

So, Can You Do Tai Chi With Bad Knees?

Studies have shown that Tai Chi can be helpful for people with bad knees by helping them reduce pain and a study by Harvard shows that it may be as good as physical therapy.

It is worth mentioning that Tai Chi can be harmful if it is not done correctly.

Doing the exercises incorrectly could result in more harm than good.

Therefore, it is recommended that you take a class or seek assistance from a professional before taking on Tai Chi as a form of therapy or physical exercise.

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