I struggled with weight some few years back and could not find a permanent solution.

All the conventional weight loss activities were either expensive or unsustainable until I travelled to China for the summer holidays.

At first, it felt like a lot of work, but I love it eventually.

Tai Chi is more of a lifestyle than goal-oriented activity. All you need is space, time and a mat.

My article describes how Tai Chi influences weight loss, the techniques used and a progressive way to oversee the process.

The original Tai Chi is a mixture of martial arts and physical body exercise.

Using these tenets to engineer weight loss should be easy, especially if you understand the goal.

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Tai Chi and Weight Loss

The exercise involves patterned movements and controlled body activities. Tai Chi can help you lose weight only if you take in the lessons and be patient as studies have pointed out.

If you are looking to lose weight rapidly, then it will not be viable.

However, the process is steady, and results are impeccable only if you make it part of your daily routine.

How to Lose Weight Using Tai Chi

Regular Exercises

Incorporate Tai Chi into your routine and follow it faithfully.

First, understand the Tai Chi philosophy and its overall goals.

Use the same vigour and concentration in exercise, and the results will start showing in no time.

Besides weight loss, your mind will be sharper and open to challenges.

Low Calories diet

Calories are responsible for weight gain in adults. If you ingest without burning or consume more than you can burn over time, it leads to weight gain. When practising Tai Chi, ensure you eat food that is low in calories. It will speed up the weight loss journey.

Muscle toning

It might not directly relate to weight loss but improves body strength.

The slow paced Tai Chi movements create a systematic weight loss program that improves the body’s resilience.

In essence, you might not see or feel weight loss, but you will be flexible and move quickly.

Combining it with other vigorous activities

Tai Chi alone cannot guarantee a faster metabolism that leads to weight loss.

Before the actual Tai Chi moves, pace up the body to activate metabolism. It conditions the body to burn calories and generate internal strength.

Comparing Tai Chi to other weight loss activities might not give the correct indication.

However, grit and routine can improve calories loss over time.

The changes are slow but sure, and the effects take longer than conventional weight loss programs.

Tai Chi Is Good For Weight Loss

Tai Chi is good for weight loss, especially for those who want long term effects studies show.

However, it does not include the aerobics witnessed in other weight loss activities.

If well utilised, it can lead to weight loss and increase the body’s stamina and resilience.

Remember, nothing good comes easy. Stay focused and best of luck in your Tai Chi journey.

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