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Scholars first used the name Tai Chi around 1100BC during Zhou Dynasty, this is thought to be the first time Tai Chi is mentioned in history.

Its original meaning was “The Ultimate of Ultimate”, a concept used to refer to unlimited possibilities in the universe.

Its origin brings into perspective Taoism, which is a natural response to life and everything that nature bestows on people.

Everything has two opposites, but nature has a way of restoring them to the perfect situation in the long run.

Confucius form the other pillar of Tai Chi, which addresses orderliness in life.

The concept creates a perfect social, political and economic environment where human beings can live in peace and harmony.

These two concepts gave birth to a practical way of life, which the Chinese people and other tai chi believers use to date.

It was also the basis of Tai Chi martial arts, which has grown to become one of the most renowned Chinese ways of life.

Thai Chi History

Ta chi has evolved over the years from martial arts to a way of life.

It gives people a sense of belonging, discipline and social virtues which they use to live in harmony.

The practice address the superiority and inferiority among people in society.

No one has the ultimate power to influence ways of life. Nature will always take its course.

Tai Chi Historic Beliefs

It is a continuation of ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to identify and rectify social mishaps among people.

Tai Chi followers all over the world use its philosophy to address all issues surrounding humanity.

Starting from an individual perspective, Tai Chi expounds more on the role of society and nature in shaping one’s character.

Everything happening in the world doesn’t occur in a vacuum; it has a way (Tao).

As a society, Tai Chi advocates for common virtues that form the basis for social cohesion.

In the traditional Chinese, heaven and earth had significant meaning and referenced the rites of passage.

Human life had a social structure which they were bound to follow.

The orderliness created peace and social conformation that eventually lead to peaceful coexistence among people in the society.

In essence, Tai Chi had the following premises which inferred its reasoning:-

  • Nothing happens in a vacuum; every action is part of a process.
  • Everything that happens has Yin (femaleness), Yang (maleness) and Chi (force of nature.)
  • Change is the only human aspect that is certain.
  • Do not force anything since nature will always have its way.
  • Self-discipline and gentleness are the biggest virtue that gives you inner strength.

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