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Sifu is the name given to a master or a skilful person in Tai Chi such as an instructor.

Some people use sifu (Cantonese spelling) while others called it Shifu (Mandarin Chinese).

However, you can use sifu to address cooks, skilled labourers, and cab drivers.

By using this name on other people, you are acknowledging and respecting their skills.

You will be referring to a skilled martial art practitioner regardless of the pronunciation you use.

How to Find the Best Sifu or Tai Chi Teacher

Before training with a certain Tai Chi instructor, you need to ensure that they are the best out there.

To have the best training in your journey to be good at Tai Chi, consider some factors first.

Background Information

This is the first thing you should ask before making any decisions.

You should know the lineage under which the instructor trains.

Therefore, you will learn more about the experience and skills they possess.

Different martial art schools have different techniques and styles.

Some skills may fit your needs while others may not.

Documentation and Certification

The world is full of armatures. It also applies to martial art instructors.

You can get a sifu who has no formal Tai Chi skills.

As a result, you can end up getting the wrong impression of the right Tai Chi.

Suppose a martial art practitioner teaches while referring to who they studied with but not the information of where then it is a red flag.

Ensure you have seen all the documentation and certification that authenticate a certain sifu to be on a safer side.

You can learn more about a certain Tai Chiinstructor by knowing their background information and their school ethos and philosophy

Tai Chi Instructors Name

In conclusion, many Tai Chi instructors use different professional names such as grandmasters and masters to impress their students or improve their credibility.

However, a legit martial art title should have nothing to do with promotion or self-satisfaction.

Therefore, the right and accepted name for a Tai Chi instructor is sifu.

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