Tai Chi is a form of training that involves slow and gentle moves with deep breathing.

Tai chi has different forms, which are simple moves and postures in a collection, done by each individual.

I am a lady aged 30 and I have always been fueled with great love for Tai Chi. Tai Chi sport has helped me to reduce stress, sleep better and also improve on strength and body balance.

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103-Form Yang family tai chi chuan

It is also called Traditional form. It is Tai chi’s long-form lay down a sequence of moves used to practice Yang-style.

The name is derived from the 103 postures of the Yang family style of t’ai chi ch’uan.

The form of tai chi originated from China, founded by Yang Luchan in the half 19th Century.

Because of its comfortable postures and eases to practice, it has been identified as the most popular kind of exercise for Tai Chi.

Yang style depicts features of movements and actions combining with hardness, softness and relaxation.

It is advisable to practice relaxation, which transforms into hardness.

The yang style is divided into three comfortable subsections: high-posture, middle-posture, and low-posture section.

Style trademark

  • Fingers are spread lightly though most of the postures
  • Rear foot apart, during bowing which positions you neutral
  • All movements are slow, gentle, soft and circular motion
  • hooks are loose and all fingers lightly touching the palm
  • relaxed punches and held loosely

Yang 103 posture traditional long form

There are 103 postures which you are required to do in three sections.

You first prepare before you begin the exercise.

It is practised without any partner but often taught in groups. The traditional yang style allows all ages to learn the hand form and improve strength, posture, concentration, and body energy.

The movements include;

  • Perry
  • block
  • punch
  • brush knee
  • strike
  • tiger
  • return to mountain
  • white crane spreads to its wings
  • hand strums the lute
  • snake creeps down

The original Tai Chi masters based the movements on what they saw from nature hence named the moves according to the inspiration.

It takes about a year to learn, but you need to perfect it during your whole life.


It is important to learn about the traditional yang style hand form.

This will help you to be strong and also boost your inner consciousness.

Finally, I would like to wish you the very best of luck with your Tai chi.

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