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Tai Chi has changed the way I look at life.

Before I became a mom, I focused a lot on the outward impression, but ever since I started Tai Chi, I realized that internal health and well-being are the most important things.

Although it was hard at first since I did not have a Tai Chi instructor, I eventually got all the necessary Tai Chi tips and tricks through reading several Tai Chi magazines.

In this article, I will guide you on the best Tai Chi magazines that you can use.

Best Tai Chi Magazines

1. Tai Chi and Alternative Health Magazine

This is one of the UK best-selling magazines and leading internationally.

The magazine has been published ever since 1994 by John Ding, an international Tai Chi Master.

The magazine mostly talks about Tai Chi history, theory, practices, and philosophy.

Aside from that, you will find Tai Chi training tips, including other health therapies that you can use to improve your medical condition.

This magazine will significantly help you understand what Tai Chi is all about.

2. Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine

This is yet another great Tai Chi magazine that you can use.

It is a United States Magazine, and the language used is English, which is an added advantage. It gives you a complete overview of Chinese martial culture.

That is from healing, self-defense, training, meditation, Buddhism, history to feng shui.

The best part is that you can subscribe to get the latest Tai Chi updates in this magazine.

3. Tai Chi Magazines

Although the founder of this magazine passed away recently, this magazine has got the best information about Tai Chi.

If you happen to get this magazine, it is a great one to read as it will give you more tips on this meditative exercise.

The magazine mostly featured interviews of great Tai Chi masters, including biographies of famous Tai Chi masters of the past.

You will also find Tai Chi styles and training tips to use while practicing.

4. Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi

Like the rest, this magazine gives you the history of Tai Chi.

But what is different about this guide is that it allows you to form a strong foundation of basic Tai Chi techniques.

You will get rare information from world-renowned experts like Cheng Man Ching in Tai Chi.

Another great thing is that you will know how to evaluate teachers and schools.

Apart from that, you will learn new strategies like breath control and how to cultivate chi.

Which Magazine on Tai Chi Will You Read?

Tai Chi is an excellent way of reducing stress and attaining mind and body balance.

But to achieve that you have to get the best magazines that will guide you.

It is also wise to listen to advice from experts, and all the above magazines address all Tai Chi issues.

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