In this article, I will expound on the health benefits of Tai Chi, especially massage, and how effective it is to body development.

It will also shine more light on the relationship between Tai Chi martial arts and body wellness.

I first heard of Tai Chi as a teenager and thought it was a violent and aggressive sport. Those who practised used it for self-defence.

Later I discovered it was far more gentle activity and meditative, I found many health and psychological benefits of Tai Chi and have stuck with it since then.

More recently I discovered Tai Chi massage and want to share this with you…

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Tai Chi Massage Process

The bottom line in any Tai Chi exercise is body movements. Since the practice traces its roots to martial arts, the massage creates rhythmic movements that explore the body and soul.

The basis of Tai Chi philosophy is inner strength and resilience, which I incorporate into my routine.

However, it might take a different course, as long as it strengthens both body and soul.

  • Before I begin the Tai Chi massage routine, I first find the day’s purpose. It gives direction and guides my sessions towards the Grand Ultimate. The purpose range from physical healing to peace of mind and muscle strengthening.
  • Physical evaluation then follows, with rhythmic movements and gentle warm-ups. If I have an interested friend, I evaluate their needs for the massage based on these simple movements. It helps me single out the perfect outcome for the session.
  • After that, they lie on the treatment table. The focus of the massage is the seamless energy flow in the body. Exercises such as rollbacks, ward off, push and press form part of the process. All these activities stimulate internal energy from the centre to the whole body.
  • Next, I apply pressure to the body through stroking, stretches, kneading and cupping. It stimulates the body further, covering not only body parts but also the mind and spirit. For beginners, this section starts gradually, with gentle strokes as I go for the extreme.
  • I engage the friend on every step to make sure they understand the process and its effects. If they are sensitive to the vigorous approach, they need special sessions that intrigue them to generate the energy from within. However, it must align with the purpose of the massage.

Possible Outcome

  • Reduced tension and anxiety, which lowers blood pressure.
  • Improves body balance, coordination and normal body functioning.
  • Reduction of chronic pains.
  • Body relaxation, leading to better sleeping patterns.
  • Rejuvenates the body, making fitness routines easy and fun.


Tai Chi massage is a conscious body and mind therapy that stimulates internal body strength.

It borrows its relevance from the ancient Chinese martial arts.

Incorporate the Tai Chi philosophy into your routine and create a target of the exercise.

The benefits range from body wellness to peace of mind.

Best wishes in your Tai Chi massage journey.

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