To start you off, this article will discuss three fundamental tai chi moves and what they do to guide you on your new adventure.

Basic Tai chi moves

You will need to warm up first before the moves.

Warming up makes you focused and helps you track your breathing, so it’s easier when you start on the moves. Some of the warm-ups you can do include:

  • Head rolls: circle your head in a constant motion, following one direction, then the other as you breathe deeply.
  • Stretch: bend to your toes and come back slowly with the hands on your hips.
  • Hip rolls: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hands on your hips, then circle your hips like you are hula hooping.
  • Shoulder rolls: do arm circles with arms stretched to the sides.
  • Knee circles: stand feet together, with your knees slightly bent, hands on the knees and circle the knees around in unison.
  • Picking fruit: stand with feet apart as you reach upward.

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After warm-up, try these three tai chi moves;

1. Part the horse mane

Bring both hands together, one on top, keeping a space between them with palms facing each other.

Shift your weight to the foot on the same side as your top hand. So, if the left hand is on top, move your weight to the left foot.

Bring the other leg in front while moving the weight to the front leg, then move the bottom hand in front like you are throwing a frisbee.

Your other hand should come back and down

2. Warrior and scholar

Put the feet together and rest your hands at the sides.

Bend your knees while taking a breath with your left-hand flat.

The right hand should be balled in a fist.

As you continue inhaling, cover the right fist with the left hand and lift up. Position to a straight-legged stance, then exhale and sink back down.

3. Brush the knee

Start in a T-stance, then lift one hand up with your palm pacing front. The other hand before your body and palm facing down.

Bring one foot in front, twist the whole body at the waist and push the hand on top forward as the opposite goes down.

Finish by circling the arms to the initial position, then exhale.

Benefits of these Tai Chi moves

Improves muscle strength, your balance and flexibility, as well as your heart health.

The gentle moves relax your back helps you relax and feel yourself.

Besides, doing tai chi moves continuously improves both your physical and mental health.

Final word

The three basic tai chi moves are brush knee, warrior scholar and part the horse mane.

They are not only simple but also help you be more flexible and improve your health in general.

Follow the guide and all the best as you try tai chi.

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