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Adding music during a Tai Chi session builds on the ambiance and also awaken feelings.

Below are some of the best Tai Chi music videos available on YouTube, for Tai Chi.

1.      Night in the garden — Zen Nadir

This is among the best music for meditation-related activities.

In Tai Chi, night in the garden by Zen Nadir will help you in your routine as you strive to get balance and for calling into being, your spirituality.

It is available for streaming on YouTube and can also be downloaded on various platforms.

2.      Bliss — Shakuhachi Sakano

The sound of nature in this music automatically triggers you to relax and there is an instant calm that you feel while in your Tai Chi routine.

Bliss sets the pace for your routine and also enhances coordination as you perform different exercises.

3.      Ocean air — Frank Morrison

The name summarizes all there is to this music. Is there any better way to have your Tai Chi session than when listening to the sound of an ocean’s waves?

Sounds of nature in the ocean air song by Frank Morrison create a mental illusion of a serene environment that is ideal for athleticism and the ease of stress.

4.      A new dimension — Janelle Hogan

There is high instrumentalism to this song and on top of this, it is quite danceable.

These qualities make a new dimension by Janelle Hogan a perfect song for performing martial art.

It sparks some kind of energy that gets to you and uplifts your spirits.

5.      Tibetan shower — Shakuhachi Sakano

I can talk of Tibetan shower as being specifically tailored for the practice of Tai Chi.

It is also applicable for any other exercise which involves meditation.

This song oozes nothing but calmness and peace.

6.      Soft as silk — Shakuhachi Sakano

Softness and smoothness in music are the perfect combinations to achieve optimal relaxation.

You can be assured to be Zen once you are done with your exercise of martial art while soft as silk is playing in the background.

7.      New age living — Shakuhachi Sakano

This specific song is quite upbeat but slow and can be described as workout music for Tai Chi.

New age living is pretty lively and is applicable for multiple postures during the Tai Chi exercise.

8.      Prana — Shakuhachi Sakano

I find this song soothing and it pleases my ears whenever I am doing any activity where meditation is a part.

In addition to this, moving to the rhythm of prana is compatible with most of Tai Chi’s movements.

9.      Cello suite — Celtic Spirit

Just from the name itself, you can tell that the cello is the most used musical instrument in this music.

With its gentle instrumentalism, the cello suite by Celtic Spirit tenderly awakens your spiritual being during activities such as yoga or Tai Chi.

10. Mindfulness – Liquid Spirit Out

There is some kind of emotional freedom that is achieved from listening to mindfulness by Liquid Spirit Out.

This music opens up one’s mind and allows one to reach their deep emotions.

Music tends to be a powerful tool that infiltrates our innermost being and has a strong influence on our soul, spirit, and heart.

It is accurate to say that, playing the right music is a source of exhilarating energy, which comes in handy during Tai Chi, yoga, or meditation.

On account of this, listening to any of the above music during Tai Chi, gives you the liberation you need, to get in touch with your emotions and boost your mental and physical strength.

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