Tai Chi is a way of life, and that is why I developed an interest in it.

The philosophy serves as an extension to ancient Chinese philosophy, where Confucianism and Taoism were two responses that seemed distinct when it comes to political, philosophical, and social conditions in Ancient China.

Confucianism mainly deals with conduct, human society, and social issues. Taoism, on the other hand, is mainly influenced by nature.

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About the Tai Chi Philosophy

Confucius presents a thinking pattern that numerous people from one generation were using to the next.

The main goal of Confucius was to ensure there is peace and order throughout all the provinces.

If you attain a state of peace and order, you need to focus on the traditional values of virtue.

Confucius states that the ancients have a better understanding of the hierarchy and order of earth and heaven.

Taoism focuses on the idea whereby Tao is a universal principle, and it is also referred to as the Way. Tao Te Ching would be translated as a law that focuses on virtue.

According to the teachings of Lao Tzu, people should engage in Wu-Wei as a way of discerning and following the natural forces whereby you’re supposed to follow the flow of events while ensuring you’re not going against the natural order.

When you act naturally, you let things be, and you’ll be in harmony in your own essence. It is believed the Tao gave rise to the One.

When the One was involved in the creation, Yin and Yang were exposed.

The forces of nature are encompassed in an eternal struggle, and none of the two forces can win.

At each point when you reach your highest power, you’re giving way to one of the two forces.

To live in harmony, you should live well with the forces while also maintaining a life that is full of non-interference.

Maleness, heat, light, the sun, and other things usually represent Yang. Yin focuses on femaleness, represented by the cold, the moon, night, and darkness.

When Tai Chi was developed, it created an outlet for Confucianism and Taoism. In China, personal defence matters.

It was also imperative to satisfy the Confucian way of life such that it’ll act in a manner that is internally Tao.

The self-empowerment and physical action usually help to strengthen the state of each person.

Most teachers usually help their students learn more about resolving the tension, including inward reflection and outward action, considering they’re central to Yin and Yang in our daily lives.

Major Lessons From Tai Chi Philosophy 

The major lessons include:

• Everything contains Chi, Yin, and Yang• All things are part of the whole• Things should occur naturally instead of using force (Wu-Wei)• Change is the only constant in existence• Gentleness helps to develop strength• Yin and Yang are changing constantly

There are numerous fighting styles in Tai Chi, and you may feel overwhelmed to some extent as a beginner.

When it comes to Tai Chi, the main focus should be on making choices and avoiding confusion.

Tai Chi is simple and easy, but you first have to define your objectives and aims.

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