A tai chi stick often comes in pairs which are the tai chi ruler and a ban stick which are used in arts of kungfu and taiji.

There is a quite small difference between the two; the ruler is somehow lighter while the bans tick is heavier.

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Benefits of using a tai chi stick or staff

There are a variety of tai chi practices that are very helpful to the body and a tai chi staff or tai chi stick as they are known can be beneficial to your training.

Furthermore, these practices can benefit you through the following ways:

1.Stimulating Dai meridian Channel

Through this process you will be well circulating meridian in your body which will further improve all body energy also known as the qi.

More so, this stimulates the whole body performance and movement.

2.improving the inner organs

These movements help the performance of the inner organs like the digestion through the performance of the intestines.

Furthermore, complications related to food allergies can be reduced through the practice of these exercises commonly known as the rowing movement.

3.Calming the mind

Embracing tai chi movements with the use of a stick will help in making systematic and rhythmic movements that foster mind calmness.

Furthermore, controlled breathing exercises help in better inhalation and getting rid of stale qi to take in fresh air.

4.Stimulating the gall bladder meridian

The organ is responsible for the production of bile in the liver.

Through the use of a tai chi stick in exercises helps in stimulating the movements encouraging the energy flow through the body.

Hence boosting a better health status.

5.Reducing pain for shoulder arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints resulting to pain.

By having daily exercise and frequent movement of the shoulders will lessen the pain felt on the shoulders.

What can anyone suffering from the disease ask for other than reduction in pain?

6.Strengthening the legs

Through the movement, the legs will be in constant motion strengthening them.

However, some people may have problems related to ankle joints that affects their way of walking.

This will facilitate to improve their walking.

Tai Chi Stick and Tai Chi Uses & Benefits

As a tai chi lover or someone interested to begin tai chi then it will be advisable to use a tai chi stick (also known as a tai chi staff) to facilitate on your health.

More so these benefits improve on digestion, leg movements and relieving joint pains.

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