For centuries, Tai chi has been embedded in Chinese culture and adopted all over the world.

It is a form of martial art that embraces the practice of meditation in motion.

Throughout these motions, execution is though a rhythmic and focused way while taking deep breathes.

Check out some of the Tai Chi exercises you can try…

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1. The warm-up

Just like attending a session at the gym, warming up helps prevent injuries on the body.

These warm-ups promote anyone to be in a relaxed attitude that fosters a state of well-being.

The warm-up exercises focus more on loosening the waist.

You can start by :

  • Standing with the feet flat on the floor/ ground with a slight hip-distance apart
  • Relaxing the arms by your waist side
  • Rotating the hips on to the right and left

2. The windmill movement

Throughout this part of the exercise, you will promote body flexibility and spine posture.

Try this by standing with your feet slightly wider than the shoulder width.

Throughout, release the tension on your shoulders and let the arms hang loosely on the sides.

Finally, raise your arms towards the centre of your body and bring them over the head.

Remember to breathe although the process.

3. Hand exercises

The hand motion helps to promote flexibility of the shoulders, fingers and arms.

You first need to put your feet wider than the shoulder width, raise the arms parallel to the floor and finally flex your hands and feel the stretch.

4. Golden lion shaking its tail

The process is done by relaxing on the chair and sitting up straight, and relaxing the thighs. Feel the stretch as you twist the shoulders.

5. Closing posture

After managing to complete these movements, you usually perform one more posture that focuses on balancing your energy, promote relaxation and serenity.

Still, on your feet, around your back and bend your knees slightly as you slowly breathe, rotate your waist facing your left, extending your left hand in front of you. Complete these with about ten repetitions.

6. Shooting the bow

It is done through balling the fist and placing them directly to your face with the fingers facing you.

7. Touch the sky

The process is through sitting on a chair placing the hands on the lap with the palms facing each other.

8. Resistance training

Done through practising yoga which helps in balance and flexibility.

9. Qigong exercise

Qigong is the process of energy control and relaxation.

10. Treadmill exercise

A home exercise that makes it easy to practice running while meditating.


Tai chi is a lifestyle.

Through the exercises mentioned above that are warming up, the windmill movement, hand exercise, and closing posture, you can gain everyday peace.

Good luck in your starting process.

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