Tai Chi, one of the oldest forms of martial arts. Among the few renowned ways of relieving stress, weight reduction and even spiritual fulfilment. Tai Chi (or T’ai chi ch’üan) commonly known as shadowboxing is a practiced martial art best known for competitive wrestling, competitive demonstrations, and health/longevity.

Boxing, on the other hand, is a well-known and practiced competitive sport.

Its nature is a show of strength, brute force and outright competition.

Practiced in the late BCE years (688 BCE) realist evidence of the sport’s existence points to the 3rd millennium BCE (c. 1350 BCE).

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Tai Chi is believed to improve your quality of life.

Its slow movements and the accompanying meditation effects tend to relax the body and even get you in touch with your inner self. Tai Chi takes time to master and the few who actually achieve mastery reap the benefits of true self-mastery.

Boxing is outstanding for pressure relief.

If you’re one of the people who need a way to take the stress away from the body then boxing should be your go-to solution.

Boxing creates a calming effect that no other sport can.

The pure authenticity of the sport is reason enough to go nuts about it.

The Differences

Tai Chi and Boxing are very different. The ‘how’ is ingrained in the spirit of the sport.

One is built for competition, whereas the other is built for mastery. Tai Chi, in essence, is a way to understand self. If you’re one to meditate and seek to understand, then Tai Chi is your forte.

Boxing, on the other hand, is something totally different.

Boxing is about ‘beating’ your opponent, and if you’re not about that then it’s not for you. The sport is a proven way of ‘getting things off your chest’.

If you’re in the mood of punching someone, try boxing.


The two options actually offer a benefit to the practitioner or the person who decides to engage.

If your goal is wellness then either of the two mentioned activities will, without a doubt, fulfil your intention.

My goal in writing this blog has always been to promote health, wellness and self-actualisation.

Numerous texts mention the need to have your body in tune with your mind and spirit for you to achieve your goals. My focus is the body.

Boxing vs Tai Chi

My recommendation would have to be Tai Chi. Opposed to violence and non-practical competition, Tai Chi has to be the option that stands out.

Why? You ask because, in the current world, pragmatism and practicality defeat all. You need to think critically, creatively and emotionally.

Emotional Quotient(EQ) is an important factor in our everyday interaction.

With Tai Chi every bit of it makes sense. Tai Chi is a true way of relieving the crippling anxiety and stress brought about by the current world.

The world as it is, responds to our reaction and one of the best ways to respond is with a clear mind and Tai Chi provides.

So join us, become a Tai Chi guru and my promise is you will find the next best version of yourself on the other side.

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