Tai chi and kickboxing are some of the most practiced exercises for relieving stress.

Both have benefits to the body but vary in a few ways.

Personally, I have practiced Tai chi for a long time, but kickboxing is still good since it impacts the body positively.

In this article, we will look at both of these exercises, and by the end of this text, you will know which one is suitable for you.

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Pros and Cons of Tai chi


• Tai chi helps to reduce stress• Increases stamina and energy• Boosts muscle strength• Improves mood• Enhances flexibility and cognition• Lowers blood pressure• Tai chi also Improves sleep quality and boost immunity


• It takes a long time to master it• It’s time-consuming• It is non-competitive. That is, it mainly focuses on different skills and mindset• Tai chi is painful• It is quite challenging to learn on your own• Once you begin, it can become addictive• You need to obtain the right mindset for Tai chi, which can be hard

Pros and Cons of Kickboxing


• Kickboxing helps in toning your whole body• It helps you learn self-defense• Improves endurance• It helps to burn excess calories• Boosts energy levels• It gives you a good posture• Improves coordination, etc


• In kickboxing, injuries may be sustained, especially if you make a wrong move• It might be quite difficult to learn the right moves• Require extensive training

The Differences between Tai Chi and Kickboxing


Unlike kickboxing, Tai chi is gentle and non-violent. It involves focusing on your mindset to balance the opposing.

You must learn how to make your energy flow in the right direction.

On the other hand, kickboxing involves using kicks and punches to achieve balance, coordination, and flexibility.

How it works

Tai chi involves embracing the spirit, mind, and body to achieve a healthy body.

It is all about cultivating qi and ensuring it flows throughout your body evenly.

Kickboxing on this other end is all about building the right muscles and burning calories. It is a high-intensity exercise and borrows moves from martial arts, boxing, karate, and Muay Thai.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Most people enjoy practicing Tai chi outdoors.

Although it can also be practiced indoors, the entire concept brings an unpleasant experience.

Kickboxing classes are mostly done indoors.


Tai chi does not require a lot of equipment to achieve what you want.

The only thing you might need is a trainer or a video guide to help you through the process.

When it comes to kickboxing, you will require punching bags, boxing gloves, jump ropes, and maybe videos to guide you.

The Learning Process

In Tai chi, you will need a lot of time to master what is important and cultivate the qi energy to attain the balance you need.

In kickboxing, you need to learn the right moves, and it might not take you long to understand it, especially if you are a fast learner.

Tai chi or Kickboxing; which one is better?

When you speak of these two forms of exercises, there is a lot to be said about them.

It only depends on what you want to achieve.

I enjoy finding my inner peace, and that is why I picked Tai chi, but if you enjoy building your muscles and learning self-defense, then kickboxing would be the best exercise for you.

The good thing is that both of these techniques help to improve general health.

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