Tai Chi or Kung Fu? Which is better? I have always believed that Kung Fu is better than Tai Chi.

You see, Kung Fu combines both soft and hard aspects of martial arts.

On the other hand, Tai Chi only deals with the softer aspects, making it less deadly.

Allow me to explain further…

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Kung Fu—What Is It?

Kung Fu is a martial art skill that you can take on more than one form.

There are people like me who use it as a form of exercise infused with a spiritual dimension.

It’s a dimension that stems from tons of self-discipline and concentration.

You can also view Kung Fu as a form of personal combat.

Many people I have encountered in my line of work tend to equate it to tae kwon do and

karate.Additionally, you can also use the term Kung Fu to suggest thorough preparation and your capacity to perform a skilled task without any emotional or intellectual interference.


Enrolling in a Kung Fu class comes with several benefits.

Many of these benefits have to do with discipline and personal development.

The benefits I have enjoyed from my many years of Kung Fu Practice include:

1. Self DefenseTaking Kung Fu not only teaches you how to protect yourself, but it also assists you in getting into shape.

Following a practical style of Kung Fu means you will begin developing efficient self-protection techniques right from the very start.

2. Health According to WebMD, Kung Fu not only helps you to increase stamina and coordination, but it also promotes forgiveness and healing.

It helps you to establish boundaries by learning how to redirect your feelings of powerlessness. I have come to learn that it can assist you in healing past trauma and finding inner strength.


As with all good things, Kung Fu also has its downsides.

For me, there’s one major downside:

It may give you a wrong sense of sense of security.

Just because you can hurl a kick or throw a punch doesn’t mean you should!

But sadly, not everyone understands this point.

Tai Chi—What Is It?

I like to view Tai Chi as a gentle way for my kids and me to fight off daily stress.

Over time, I have come to see that it can also assist in enhancing balance and flexibility.

You can view it as a type of meditation in motion, as it assists in promoting serenity through the performance of gentle, free-flowing movements.


Tai Chi has several benefits, according to Healthline.com.

The top ones include:• Improved muscle definition and strength• Decreased depression, anxiety, and stress levels• Improved agility, balance, and flexibility• Improved aerobic capacity


Just like Kung Fu, Tai Chi also has its downsides.

The top ones include:• It takes a long time to learn and master Tai Chi• It is non-violent, making it less efficient than other forms of martial arts

Differences Between Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Apart from their definitions, the time spent practicing both forms of martial arts has helped make me aware of their many differences.

Included in the table below are some of their more prominent ones.


Kung Fu

Tai Chi

Short Description

It’s primarily a form of unarmed Chinese martial art

It focuses on relaxation, balance, and meditation.


They are circular and floating and require lots of concentration

Movements are slow and graceful and involve placing the majority of your weight on one foot.


Defensive and can be lethal

Less dangerous and not defensive

Concentration Type

It concentrates on both the internal and external forms of exercises

It mainly concentrates on internal meditation


It can be described as both a soft and hard form of martial arts

It’s a soft form of martial arts

Tai Chi Vs. Kung Fu, which is better?

Kung Fu will always rank top for me.

It includes both the soft and hard aspects of martial arts.Regardless of whichever form you choose to study, one thing I can assure you is that you will learn self-defense, reduce your stress levels, and improve your aerobic capacity.

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