Tai chi and meditation are both beneficial to the body in numerous ways.

They improve the state of mind by reducing stress and anxiety.

They both involve using non-violent ways to help give you relief.

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Tai Chi

Tai chi is a safe exercise that focuses on martial arts. It involves taking in slow deep breaths and movements.

It is non-violent, thus making it safe.

Here are some of the pros and cons of tai chi.


Tai chi has many health benefits, and below are some of the benefits that an individual acquires in the practice of tai chi.

1. Improves Mood

If you have stress or anxiety, it is high time you take part in Tai chi.

When you practice it regularly, the symptoms of anxiety will slowly start to fade.

The slow, mindful breathes that you take will give your nervous system and mood-regulating hormones a positive effect.

I have been practicing tai chi for a couple of years now. As a career woman, mother and wife, I sometimes deal with stress that increases my anxiety levels.

Tai chi usually helps out a lot during such times.

2. Better Sleep

The goodness with tai chi is that it is suitable for all ages. When you regularly practice tai chi, you are likely to enjoy a good night’s rest.


Millions of people worldwide practice tai chi due to the numerous benefits it has. You may wonder whether it has any disadvantages. Here are some cons of tai chi.

1. It Takes a Long Time to Learn and Master

The slow pace that one needs to level up to the next stage can be frustrating since not every has the patience.

You will need approximately three months to learn and master the basic moves.

It is a long time to learn such basic moves. Thus not everyone will sign up for it.

2. Not all Tai Chi Classes and Instructors are Authentic

You can hardly tell if the tai chi classes you are taking are the real deal or not.

It is because, over time, many versions of tai chi are emerging, and it is hard to know if you have signed up for the correct class or not.


Meditation is the process of reconnecting with ourselves. It is when we experience love and peace deep within us.


1. Reduces pain

Through healing, your mind and body help reduce stress, thus improving health outcomes.

You are bale rise above physical pain by connecting with the power within.

2. Calms the Mind

Through meditation, you can create a peaceful space within you, thus creating overall balance in your life.


In life, everything has its disadvantages. Here are some cons of meditation.

1.Your Sensory Perception may Change

You may experience hallucinations, visions and illusions that are non-existent.

Some people may experience distortion in time and space.

2. You may Re-live Negative Memories and Emotions

Meditation triggers your subconscious, thus making you re-live negative emotions that will become hard to handle.

Differences between Tai Chi and Meditation

Tai chi involves gentle physical exercises and stretches that bring calmness and relaxation to the body.

It ensures that your body stays in constant motion. On the other hand, meditation is stationery.

It heightens the state of focused attention and awareness.

Which one is Better?

Tai chi is better than meditation because, through it, you will get to exercise your body and stretch it.

You will also learn self-defence mechanisms against your opponent.

Even though tai chi and meditation have various disadvantages, they still are some of the best ways you can use to reconnect with yourself.

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