If you have been interested in these in either Tai Chi or MMA, then the biggest question has been which one is cool to embrace for exercise.

It is important for you to choose the best form of fitness, one that will fit well with your desires.

Through the article, you will get to learn more on both cases so you can decide which is better and more suitable for you.

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

This piece of art is commonly referred as cage fighting and ultimate fighting.

The art is based on full combat sport that takes on striking, grappling and literally on ground fighting.

With this kind of definition it is clear that if you want to engage in this sport, then you have to be ready to use excessive force.

As a piece of sport, it has both its advantages of disadvantages as shown below.

Advantages of MMA

As the world’s fastest-growing sport, you may not have a clear view of the benefits associated with the experience.

As much as MMA has most of its limits on physical benefits, mental benefits are no exception to this.

1.Improves confidence

For a while, Mma has become the best alternative to weight loss compared to other traditional ways.

In the end, you can be assured of a desired physical transformation.

2.Increases positivity

Daily, people encounter bad mojo. The ultimate goal for many people is to keep this aspect of life aside.

The coolest thing is that martial arts help to maintain positive psychology.

3.Relieves stress

Through engaging in these physical activities, you have the upper hand to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by the daily problems.

Disadvantages of MMA

With the extreme force used in the sport, it is a guarantee that it comes with negativity.

Here they are…

1.Easy to quit

Training involves hardwork.

It may require a lot of your time to make sure that you get what you have wanted to achieve.

You may want to quit most of the time.

2.Training injuries

It is easy to get injured in a fight.

Sometimes the moves you make can go completely wrong and result in serious damage.

3.its hard for family members

It can be heart-breaking for your family members to see you embrace the hard impact of the sport, which can cause hard damage to yourself.

Tai Chi

It is commonly known as shadowboxing in that it engages defence training, to improve health and to meditate.

Advantages of Tai Chi vs MMA

Tai chi is mainly going to benefit you both physically and mentally.

Check out some of the benefits that come through the use of Tai Chi that you might not get from MMA.

1. Improves your moods

when the day becomes harder and filled with too much pressure, taking a moment of your time to exercise tai chi you will get to change your mood for a better day that follows.

2.Decreasing stress and depression

It is heart-aching that people face daily torment of depression.

It has often resulted in dire consequences. However, tai chi has quenched the whole situation and made things a bit bearable.

3.Increasing energy and flexibility

It is a much more conducive way for people who have problems with mobility to embrace this process more. It is a fast way to make a patient to get well soon.

Disadvantages of Tai Chi compared to MMA

As a beginner on this exercise, you may encounter a variety of difficulties and here is the whole picture.

1. Difficulty of the tai chi movements

Some of these movements may seem more complicated.

Therefore, harder to fully manifest the moves.

2.Hard to practise independently


When you are doing these exercises alone, it gets harder to improve on the art as it gets more complicated by day.


All these movements need one to be committed to doing it daily.

However, it can get tougher when you have to do them for longer hours.

MMA vs Tai Chi

From the above categorisation, it is safe to say that Tai Chi is something that’s easier to pick up compared to MMA.

Mostly this fact is based on the amount of work it takes to perform MMA and in that the disadvantages are dire like the Injuries, family disengagement and the ease to quit.

Consider instead Jiu Jitsu over Tai Chi or MMA

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