Tai Chi and Taekwondo are martial arts.

However, unlike what we have all thought in the past, they are not the same.

When I first got interested in martial arts, I was unsure which discipline would be good for me.

It took some time to find out the difference. Therefore, I took both!

I am writing this purely out of my passion for these martial arts disciplines.

I have trained on both.Therefore, I believe I can help you pick the best one according to your goals.

My joy would be that you join both.

However, if not, read on to know the differences between the two and pick the best one.

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Tai Chi is a form of internal martial art that enables the practitioners to enjoy some mental harmony.

Therefore, it is classified as soft martial arts.

On the other hand, taekwondo is a hard martial art that uses memory to attack and defend yourself.

The word Tae means leg or foot, which you use to step on, Kwon means fist, which you use to fight and Do means discipline or the way you cool down the opponent.

Purpose of the Art

I dug deeper into the origins of each of these martial art types and came to know of a few differences.

Tai Chi stands for ‘The Origin of Fist’.

It was developed in the late 16th century to help users achieve stability and balance through the yin and yang.

The origins of taekwondo are not known.

However, it is believed to have been practised in the greater Korean peninsula for the last 20 or so centuries.

It aims to help practitioners defend themselves while improving their general strength and personal discipline.

Type of the Art

Tai Chi is a soft martial art whose greater focus is enhancing mental discipline.

However, you can still use it as a hard art when fighting.

You are trained to meet the hardness of the attacker with softness and beat them.

However, taekwondo is a form of hard martial art whose focus is external strength.

I joined it primarily to improve my reactions in combat situations.

Unlike Tai Chi, where you meet the hardness of the opponent with softness, taekwondo encourages you to meet the harness with an equal measure.

Our master taught us to beat the opponent into submissions with the feet and fists.

Other Benefits

Tai Chi focuses on physical and mental discipline. One of the art features is meditation, which helps you in the journey of self-discovery and knowing your purpose in life.

I was also able to concentrate on my work and stay alert when doing various activities.

One of my classmates claimed that she could control her emotions and manage her weight using the strength acquired from the art.

On the other hand, taekwondo enables you to achieve discipline physically within the framework of martial arts.

It also helps you increase your self-confidence, especially if you find yourself around aggressive people.

I have been able to make better decisions and control my anger, thanks to this art.

Taekwondo vs Tai Chi

The difference between the two is the approach to physical and mental fitness.

Tai Chi emphasizes mental development, while taekwondo emphasizes self-defence.

Both are good for mental and physical growth and discipline. You can train on both, as none is better than the other is.

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