If you are interested and planning to start your Tai Chi walking journey, here are some of my best tips and steps you can use to get the most of it.

The steps are simple, and anyone can start anywhere and anytime.

For a start, I didn’t find Tai Chi walking even slightly confusing as people often think, but rather, the exercises were simple and relatively inexpensive.

Understanding it is simple from the start, and I barely found any obstacles that made me want to take a break or quit.

Tai Chi walking started becoming more of a hobby than an exercise practice.

Not only does it come with benefits, but it is also fun.From the beginning, I have always practised my Tai Chi walk slowly as this is the pace is recognized from its traditional origins.

Keep the movements fluid and in continuation, think of it as a moving meditation.

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Balance is essential when making any progress in Tai Chi walking.

Since I needed extra stabilization when working on the balance, I would take my time and bring my knees to the proper position

Ingraining my anchor points were essential and recommended for anyone starting.

To get into this balance, I always started with warm-ups, and so should you.


The Tai Chi walking warm-up includes the leg warm-up and torso twists for a start.

The warm-ups have always been good since they loosen any tightened muscles and prepare you to perform any upcoming Tai Chi walking exercises.

The two types of warm-up have similarities since they only require tiny movements of either the torso or the legs from side to side.

The posture of having the legs hip-distance apart remains the same.

Tai Chi walking Stepping Exercise

The stepping exercise is an excellent example of Tai Chi walking to start with.

I began by shifting my weight on one of my feet; then, I take my time to get stable and well balanced on that specific foot.

Taking a short step to the front using your unweighted foot and adding any weight to it is a critical step.

Just keeping it on the ground is enough. After getting comfortable, I took another step but very slow.

According to my instructors, keeping the process slow avoids messing with the balance. I kept repeating the steps until I was comfortable enough to go for as many steps as possible.

That’s How To Do Tai Chi Whilst Walking

It is good to start with this exercise because it has the most fundamental movements in Tai Chi walking.

They sort out any complications that may occur in any Tai Chi form, such as balance.

Remember to warm up and take time in each step.

The only limit is you, so good luck as you start your incredible journey into the holistic experience of Tai Chi walking.

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