I first discovered Tai chi ten years ago, seeing the practice when travelling through Asia and then learning how to do it online.

I thought I knew a lot about Tai Chi yet until recently I never had a Tai Chi warm up routine, which I now realise was a big mistake.

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Why it is important to warm up before tai chi

Warming up increases your heart rate. It makes the body flexible and ready for the actual sport. Some of this warm-up include;

Yoga to warm-up before Tai Chi

  • Start by stretching, targeting the neck, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles.
  • Place your head backwards, as you inhale, bring both hands up slowly
  • turn your head down, exhaling, push both hands outward, extending them to the front and place your hands down slowly, placing your head towards your chest
  • Roll shoulders slowly forward and backward
  • Stretch your spine with your head in front
  • Placing your left heel out in front of you, push both hands to balance
  • Stretch out one foot and start kicking slowly. Change the leg and kick with the other leg
  • Step forward with fists next to the hips, bend your knees slightly and move forward with one foot
  • With your toes down, lift the heel and slowly rotate your foot in one direction and then rotate to the other direction. All sides about five times.

Meditation Warm Up Before Tai Chi

  • With your eyes closed, stand with your feet and arms apart with the toes pointing straight ahead and knees a bit bent
  • Tuck in your hips, place your shoulders down and breath in with your head held up
  • Continue breathing in and out gently, focusing on your feet and their connection to the earth
  • Repeat the process until you feel the energy from the ground coming up to your inner conscious.

Gratitude Warm Up Before Tai Chi

I learnt so fast about embracing, over the first phase, with a bow which showed gratitude.

  • Stand upright, relax from your head to toe
  • Think of something or someone that’s sparked a feeling of gratefulness in you
  • Feel the gratitude in your body and breath delightfully by bowing down your head gently

Use These 3 Tai Chi Warm Ups

In summary, you should understand the benefits above of warming up before Tai Chi in order to get the full benefit of your Tai Chi practice. 

I want to wish you all the best as a beginner in the Tai Chi world.

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