Every woman desires to lead a happy and fruitful life. However, many times, stress and fatigue often hinder this desire, and we end up facing some unpleasant experiences.

As a victim of these two issues, I decided to seek happiness, calmness, and peace; otherwise, I could end up on the statistic of people with lifestyle diseases, depression, or heart disease.

So, in my journey to happiness, I discovered some of life’s blessings, and I thought sharing with you, the reader, would be a fantastic idea.

Not only for women but even men.

Take a look…

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5 Most Powerful Types of Blessings

1. Patience

According to a survey , 96% of all Americans are impatient often people grow impatient when waiting in line, traffic or waiting for a blessing in disguise to happen in our lives.

When we are able to wait patiently on something to happen without getting anxious, that is truly a blessing.

we are able to wait patiently on something

Patience grants one the opportunity to be at peace, be contented, and experience each moment as is

. When you count your blessings, count patience twice!


2. Wisdom

As we age and advance in life, then we gradually gain wisdom.

Through specific experiences in life, you grow, both in the mental and spiritual realm.

That is how you keep acquiring wisdom, and this is a true blessing because every hardship you may go through is a learning experience.

3. Health

Health is indeed wealth. The blessing of health is always valuable, and many often take this for granted.

It is my firm belief that sickness causes stress and unwanted feelings that often leave us at a loss.

That is why everyone should take it upon themselves to exercise daily and lead a healthy life to enjoy all of life’s goodness.

4. Purpose

In life, everyone is born to fulfill a particular purpose, and this defines our destiny. When we unravel our purpose in life, we gain a whole new look at life.

Unraveling your true purpose in life is a blessing that should not be taken for granted. It is vital to know what you do best and follow your purpose in order to make a difference in life.

5. Fruitfulness

Children are a blessing, and every couple desire to have a family someday. If this is your greatest struggle, it is not the end of the road.

Science has brought forth many solutions that can help one to have children of their own. You may even consider adoption.

According to the CDC, 6% of married women in the United States, aged between 15- 44, are unable to conceive.

As much as this is a worrying figure, you can still find happiness if you stop feeling hopeless, helpless, blaming yourself, and rooting your self-worth on fertility.

Be happy that you are fruitful in other areas of your life.


As stated above, there are five blessings that you should always appreciate each day—patience, wisdom, health, fruitfulness, and purpose.

There are many more blessings in your life, and you only have to discover each one.

Thank you for reading this piece, and good luck as you journey towards happiness.

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