There comes a time in your life where you have to wake up and start a new beginning, my time came on 1st January 2020.

I had a burning need to go on a self-discovery journey to find my happiness, bring calm to my mind, and find inner peace in every part of my existence.

I had to create the optimum conditions for good health and maintain balance.

No matter how unsatisfying and frustrating my situation was, I found peace from knowing that God had a purpose, a plan, and he never forsakes those who lean on him.

I will tell you about the fundamentals behind my inner peace and happiness and how you can genuinely incorporate inner peace and joy in the way you live through yoga, meditation, and tai chi.

This is what my happiness looks like on a day to day basis…

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What makes me genuinely happy, you may ask? Most of the time, I’ve set standards on how to be satisfied.

I’m always chasing something, whether climbing the cooperate ladder, purchasing the latest car, or getting the perfect spouse-leading to thinking that I will finally be happy when I get that promotion.

It is not always the case. A study from Northwestern University measured the happiness level of regular people against those who had won large lotteries the previous years and found out that their happiness levels were identical.

My Journey of Self Discovery and Inner peace

I first uninstalled all my social media accounts from all my devices and went into solitary confinement.

I became a voracious reader and buried myself in reading self-help books and spiritually nourishing books.

I have always been a fan of reading; therefore, this practice gave me so much peace and helped me create happiness.


I took yoga classes for eight months. I loved yoga on the first day I stepped into a yoga mat.

There are many benefits to yoga, including stress and anxiety reduction.

I took yoga classes to undertake a personal journey into the culture and practice of yoga.

Yoga achieves higher consciousness, self-awareness and often leads to internal peace.

Every house chore that I did, I concentrated entirely and cleared any distractions that clouded my mind.

Practicing mindfulness was challenging, but I thank God I managed.


A 2012 research conducted by Dr. Stefan Hoffman (Source psychological review) discovered that not only did meditation improve levels of concentration and resilience, but kindness as well.

Mediation is different for everybody.

It helps me calm down and see life and its challenges more accurately.

Meditation helped me see that my situation wasn’t the worst.

You don’t have to go on a mountaintop or sit down, legs crossed, and hum “ohm” for 15 minutes if that’s not your thing.

Tai Chi

I have done tai chi, a form of ancient Chinese martial arts exercise used to reduce stress and other health conditions.

It is often termed meditation in motion. It boosts physical and mental health and improves mood, posture, balance, flexibility, and strength.

What Does Your Happiness Look Like?

In my quest for inner peace and happiness, I discovered that my happiest and most peaceful times were reading, doing yoga, tai chi, or meditation.

The question is, have I found my inner peace and happiness?

The answer is both yes and no.

But I have connected to my true self and found my place of calm.

I hope you will too. I wish you luck in your pursuit of happiness and inner peace.

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